Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits - The Travel Edition

1. At the airport
DD: I know why they have to check us before we can go in.
Me: Why?
DD: They have to check if we're wearing proper winter clothes for London. If you haven't got proper winter clothes for London then they don't let you go.

2. Boarding the plane
Me: Here are our seats. You're in 21A  by the window and I'm in 21B.
DD: What's this one?
Me: That's 21C
(Later, leaning over me to look at the man sitting next to me)
DD: 21C's asleep.

3. On the plane
DD: We're flying over a pond.
Me: It's the sea.
DD: Has it got bread in it?
Me: What?
DD: I can see bread in it for feeding the ducks.

4. Doing a sticker book together
DD: Can you get that one out for me?
Me: OK. Woops, sorry, I tore it a bit on the side.
DD: Doesn't matter, I'll always love you.

5. At the Bar Mitzva of the youngest of my three nephews
DD: Did you know I've got a girl cousin?
Me: Have you? Who is she?
DD: She's my girl cousin. I'll show you.
(Runs off and comes back pulling a 12yo girl behind her)
DD: This is my girl cousin.
Me: Hello, who are you?
Turns out, one of my second cousins who was at the Bar Mitzva as she's friends with my sister, came with her daughter who is with my nephew in school. DD had found her third cousin and she was thrilled.

6. At the Bar Mitzva Party
Me: Do you want to sit with me and have something to eat?
DD: No I'm sitting with my girl cousin!

7. Back home
Me: What are you going to tell your friends and your teacher about your holiday?
DD: I'm going to tell them I was sick in the car coming back from the airport.


  1. 1, 4 and 7 are the best imho. I'm still smiling!

  2. Love it! Welcome back! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Aww, maybe. You won't get much reading done on the plane though.

  4. ha, this made me smile this morning x

  5. Adorable. Love that she found a 'girl' cousin. Her comment about what she is going to tell her teacher about the vacation is priceless. So glad you are writing all these gems down.Hope you had a great trip.

    1. I actually thought that while I was writing - I'd never remember all these things otherwise.

  6. She's just adorable! but I hope she wasn't really sick...

  7. She is so funny. 21C is prob my fave though! :D Hope you had a wonderful time! :)

  8. Love them all! And that the whole trip boiled down to being sick in the car on the way home!!

    xx Jazzy

  9. She is just so adorable! It really made me smile, If I had known you guys were in London I would have invited you around for a coffee!

    1. Thank you and I appreciate the thought about the invitation.

  10. Tell DD I love Her girl cousin too :) She also must meet her Israeli girl cousin before she joins the army...

    1. She'd love to meet her Israeli girl cousin. Is that before DD joins the army or before her girl cousin joins the army? #Justkidding. :)