Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits 12

The day after DD's 5th birthday...
DD: I'm almost 6, wow! When I'm 6 can I have a another princess cake?

5 days after her 5th birthday, at Storytime in the library with a group  of little girls...
DD: Is everybody 5 here?
The Girls: Yes we're all 5.
DD: I'm five and a half.

On wearing her wellies to kindergarten with slippers in her bag...
Me: Did you wear your slippers today?
DD: No I didn't hafted to, I just only kept my boots on all day.

On explaining why we don't have meat at home...
DD: Oh, so you don't mind it if the animals die on a farm... or in the zoo... you just only don't like it when they die in the fridge. You're right?

DD playing Jelly Splash on my phone...
DD: Mummy I'm cold, can you get me my cardigan?
Me: You get it, I'm busy washing up.
DD: Mummy I need a tissue, can you give me one.
Me: You know where they are, I'm busy.
DD: Mummy I don't know what to do with this game, can you finish it for me?
Me (ripping my washing up gloves off): Yes, just coming...

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