Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits 16: The Eilat Edition

Sitting on Dolphin Reef Beach, a peacock wanders over to say hello...

DD: Oh look, here's a popcorn.

My brother-in-law does the party trick of magicking sweets out of DD's ears. First he listens to hear if there's a rattle. If there is, he takes out a sweet. On the bus on the way home...

DD: Mummy, I'll shake my head and you listen if it rattles. If it rattles can you take the sweet out? But only if you hear it rattle. There's only a sweet there if it rattles.

One day later at home DD is sitting and shaking her head... 

DD: Ohhh, there's no rattle in my ears. That means there are no sweets in there today.


  1. Aww.... all so very cute! I was hoping she didn't 'manufacture' a rattle in her head! A tough one to get get out if if you had no sweets....

    xx Jazzy

    1. Jazzy, if there's no rattle there's just no rattle.