Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tidbits #30 - Leisure Activities

I was finishing an email while DD set up the Frustration for our nightly marathon - 2 colours each and best out of three games (I refuse to play with the genie). I could hear her popping the dice impatiently. (It's a pop-o-matic device with paddles.) Eventually I finished.
DD: Ok. it's my go, I'm first.
Me: I thought you just had your go, I heard the dice popping.
DD: That wasn't my go, I was just come-onning you.

We bought an ice-lolly at the zoo.
Me: You can choose from the fruit ice-lollies, the others are too expensive.
DD: Pleeeease, can I have a Frozen just this time.
Me: Ok, just this time.
DD (unwrapping the accompanying figure inside, finding Olaf and then seeing that there are 6 figures to collect): When I've got the full collection I can play the whole story with them. I only need 5 more!
Me: *sighs* I knew that was going to happen.

Me: Who's your best friend?
DD: My tablet.

DD: I know why we don't have a chimney in our home.
Me: Why?
DD: Because we don't have Christmas here.

And this one from a young student who suddenly improved in reading and spelling.
Me: Fantastic work! What happened, did you have extra English lessons in the holidays?
Student: No. I read a book.


  1. I love no4 best but they're all good fun!

    1. The problem with No 4 is that it's probably true.

    2. I think I looked at number 3 when I replied to this comment.