Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits #31 - The Kibbutz Edition

We went to our favourite kibbutz for a long weekend as my good friends SJ and Nadge were celebrating the Bat Mitzva of her youngest daughter.

We were put up in an empty kibbutz house. It had a bathroom and a kitchen, a living room and a few bedrooms but the only furniture was the two beds we slept in. Apart from the two beds it was completely empty.
DD: It's a good job this isn't our real house.
Me: Why?
DD: I can't help thinking there's something missing.

We were introduced to an old friend of Nadge who had come from the UK with his wife. He and his lovely wife were sitting in the garden when we arrived. 
Me: Hi, I'm Rachel Selby
Friend of Nage: Hello, I'm Fred Bloggs*
Me (recognising the name Bloggs from a female facebook friend in the same town): I know that name. Who's Lisa Bloggs?
Friend of Nage: She's my ex-wife.

*Names have been changed.

Eating in the communal dining room.
DD: It's so lucky for them. They don't even need a shop. They just come and choose what they want to eat.

On the way back to our hosts' house from lunch in the communal dining-room on Saturday, I was boldly leading the way with a bunch of guests who didn't know the kibbutz as well I do. Chatting away, I headed for the blue front door and we all trooped into the living room.
Us: Chatter chatter chatter.... silence.
Me (to the girl sitting on her sofa reading): Ooh, sorry. Sorry, wrong house.
Us (all troop out again and go to the right house two doors down.)

At the party DD was placed on the children's table. Of course she wanted to stay with me. 
Me: If you don't sit with your friends and have fun with them, there's no point in you coming. I won't bring you here next time when there's a party. (She reluctantly sat with the children and had a great time.)

We arrived home around midnight and DD, who'd been asleep in the car, was barely awake as I helped her put on her pjs.
DD: Mummy, will you take me there again when there's a party?
Me: Yes, you were a very good girl.
DD: Good, because I kinda miss that place.

Left. DD having fun on the children's table.


  1. Must be strange to live on a Kibbutz.

    1. Oh I don't know Stanley, I think you were quite strange even before you lived there. ;~)

  2. My friend stayed on a kibbutz for a while, she had a ball... Love the little snippets of conversation, slightly mortifying about the ex wife though!! :D

    1. Yes it was but we managed to laugh about it. More mortifying was walking into someone's living room who we didn't even know. (Actually I do know her but the others didn't).

  3. A few 'oops' moments in there! Loved it and the fact that your DD so enjoyed the party :-) xx

    1. Yes definitley a couple of oops. That's a nice way of putting it. And DD had a fabulous time.