Friday, June 26, 2015

Reasons 2B Cheerful 123

Somewhere in the Blogosphere there's a weekly weekend linky called "Reasons To Be Cheerful 123." It's being hosted by Ojo's World atm. I always read some of the others so I don't know why I've never done one myself before now.  Here are my reasons.

Whilst clearing out a kitchen cupboard that I've not seen the back of for some years - I kid you not, I found 4 pairs of non-latex washing up gloves. I've been looking for these for ages and not seen them anywhere. I keep forgetting to buy them when we're in England and forgetting to ask friends to bring me some when they visit. For ages now I've just not been using gloves and my hands are not thanking me. Neither are my finger nails.

In a massive coincidence, two mothers of boys I teach gave me an end of year present of a manicure. Is that timely or what? So now I have to wait about 10 days for my shortest broken nail to grow to a repsectable length to justify using the manicure and I'm set for an elegant summer.

I'm famous. Well a bit famous in my little corner of the world at least. A mother of one of DD's school friends told me she was on a flight to Italy a few weeks ago and she sat next to a woman who is a single mother. My name came up, or at least I was referred to by description (I have no idea how it happened actually) and the woman exclaimed, "I read her blog! Do you know her?"

My friend said she felt quite important as she answered, "yes, our children are in school together." LOL, so I've ordered 500 photographs which I will autograph and hand round before everyone goes flying off for the summer. ;~)

Another friend with grown up children called me last week. Her student son has gone away for six months so she got to do a thorough clean out of his bedroom. In a drawer she found two child's multiple-entry tickets to our local swimming pool, valid until October 2015. We have 10 visits for which I only have to pay for me and not both of us.

4 (You're not resticted to 3)
I have lodgers for five weeks starting on Sunday (hence the cleaning out of the kitchen cupboards so I can give the lodger some space for her food). This Summer is looking less like bankruptcy by the minute.

It really is THE SUMMER!!!!


  1. Such a happy upbeat post, I was giggling all the way through, PLEASE join in with R2BC more often, we need you, especially now that you're famous :) x

  2. I'll have to check with my agent and PR guru exactly what I'm allowed to do and what I'm not allowed to do. ;)

  3. On my, I want a picture, I shall name drop you too! Love your pictures, they are happiness encompassed. Lovely to have you, and share as many happy things as you want xx

  4. Thank you Jo. I will probably be back next week - it's a great way to catch up on the week without writing all the blog posts in between, for when you're busy.