Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits #38 - Winter 2016

DD: Did you have a tablet when you were little?
Me: No I didn't. They weren't invented yet.
DD: Well I'm so lucky because I was born when electricity had already been invented.

DD: Mummy will you stop singing Christmas songs, you're ridicking my brain! (From the word ridiculous.)
Another time:
DD: Stop asking me all the time if any more of my teeth are wobbly. That just ridics me!

At the airport walking to the boarding gates and seeing the signs: C1 - C9 and C10 - C25.
DD: C9 take away C1? C8!..... C25 take away C10? C15!
DD: Ben Gurion Airport take away Terminal 1? What does that mean?

April 2012 with Grandma and Grandpa
DD: Last night I dreamt that Grandpa came alive again.
Me: That's nice. What was he doing?
DD: He was fixing the train set for me. 


  1. Oh yes. #1. STILL get similar from my 16 yo!
    her maths and language reasoning skills are WONDERFUL. LOVE
    them! And that is such a lovely photo of her with her grand-parents...... xx

  2. Ah, her grandad. Perhaps he was visiting her. I like to think they live and do so. Do you?

    1. Some of my othr friends have spoken about dreams being a visit. If so he visited me for about two seconds one night. He was all jolly and singing - a nice reminder of how he used to be.