Friday, February 19, 2016

Reasons 2B Cheerful - People Who Need People

This week's Reasons 2B Cheerful (although I don't do it every week) is brought to you with People Who Need People sung by Barbra Streisand. Listen while you read.

I've had anserine bursitis (a swelling under the knee tendon) in my right leg for over a month. I'm on anti inflammatory pills (so I don't burst into flames? ;~) ) and the pain is at last under control. It's not certain if this condition ever goes away or if it becomes chronic but I'm praying for the former scenario.

One week I didn't feel like going out for dinner on Friday night. I couldn't walk down to, around, and back from the supermarket in order to make dinner for us at home. So half an hour before Shabbat came in my amazing friend Sally-Ann sent her husband over with this. Basically, two whole meals for the duration. All delicious and very gratefully recieved. Thank you Sassy! xxx

In Jewish tradition, the Shabbat directly before or after a wedding is the Groom Shabbat. It's when the groom celebrates with family and friends in his own synagogue and community.

Last November, four days before the wedding of Sarah Tehiya Litman and Arieh Beigal, her family were driving to Arieh's Groom Shabbat when a terrorist opened fire on the car. Sarah's father and 18 year old brother were killed. The wedding was postponed as Sarah and her family had to sit shiva. When she got up from shiva Sarah announced that the wedding would go ahead the next week and the whole of Israel was invited.

They were given the largest wedding venue in Jerusalem and indeed, over 1,000 people turned up to dance at the wedding as a show of love and support. Jewish communities from around the world sent representitives, and individuals flew in from London, New York and Paris. Many of my Jerusalem friends went to the wedding. None of them know Sarah or Arieh personally but everyone wanted to make this wedding happen in the biggest and happiest way possible. It was an amazing show of international Jewish solidarity.

Sarah Beigal nee Litman goes to my college. She's not in my classes but February is exam month for the end of the first semester and I found myself proctoring an exam which she sat. At the end of the exam she came up to hand in her paper and I noticed she'd written her name like this: Sarah Lit Beigal.

I laughed, "I see you forgot that you're Beigal now." She laughed too, "I know, I'm still getting used to it."

That was all. I wanted to say so much to her but it was not the time or the place. So my reason 2B cheerful is that I met Sarah Beigal and we shared a joke. And I am proud to have met this brave young woman.

The sun is shining, it's 24 degrees C, and my windows are open to the spring air.

This morning I walked to, around, and home from the supermarket. I met eight people I know and with whom I exchanged greetings or stopped briefly to chat. I estimate that by doing this I added about 20 minutes to my errand. I am cheerful and thankful for this because, as the song says, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

This week Reasons 2B cheerful is being hosted by Becky at Lakes Single Mum.



  1. I am jealous of the warmth! Glad your pain is being managed. It is good when people get together in adversity.

  2. Don't be jealous, it's going to rain tomorrow and Sunday apparently.

  3. Such a lovely post with so many deep meanings. I once had an experience similar to yours where I connected with someone who had undergone trauma positively but without saying too much. It still matters. I do love reading a blog that matters - this one does

    1. Thanks Kate. I think just the connection and show of friendship is helpful even if you don't say anything.

  4. Hope your knee continues to improve and so lovely to read of the support you have and the support shown to the new Mr and Mrs Beigal.

    1. Thanks MumB. I agree that the support of good friends and community is everything.

  5. Beautiful and meaningful post.... made even more so when your directions to listen to that gorgeous song are followed.
    And I want to change my name to 'Sally' . Just so I can be called 'Sassy'!!

    PS - you are right about the pony tail over on my post. It's discussed in more details in the links I included and it makes both lists! Never wearing a pony tail when out walking again.....

    1. Sally-Ann's maiden name began with an s so her initials were always SAS - hence the Sassy. Interesting about the ponytail. I would never have thought of it.

  6. So beautiful. I didn't know you taught adults. She sounds like a gentle soul. You wrote the little story of meeting her so well I actually imagined her.
    I know what you mean about pain as I used to have plantar fasciitis and even the school run was a drama (which is why we used to cycle). The muscle relaxant hormones that soften ligaments in pregnancy took ALL the pain away. I recently asked the Doc when will it return and he warned me that the pregnancy hormones will die at 6 weeks. Baby is a month TODAY eeeeekkkk. I just hope that perhaps after walking 30 miles a week throughout the pregnancy that perhaps I no longer suffer from it. Time will tell. How lovely that a friend brought you food. I have a Jehovah's Witness who visits me for 90 mins every week. She made me a chicken curry (done in the slow cooker) just after I gave birth. It's lovely to have homecooked food lovingly made, lovingly delivered. So sweet. That food looks LOVELY.
    Your reasons to be cheerful are all great and it's wonderful to read such an upbeat post.
    Great about the weather getting better too, you will have to lose the snow on your layout LOL.
    Liska xx

  7. I hope your pain doens't return. Mine seems to be completely better now but I've had a taste of what it's like living with chronic pain. It really does restrict and limit one's life.

    I hadnt thought about changing the background picture to a more summery pucture. Maybe I should.