Saturday, June 23, 2018

I Was Wrong About The Clarinet - R2BC

Jerusalem Orchestra

Reason 2B cheerful are plentiful this week.

We Break Up
It's the end of the school year. One more week to go and I'm actually in school for only two more days. And one day in college will have almost half my year course students passed and signed off. DD has to return all her school textbooks tomorrow and she has her end of year party in the afternoon. I will be working on a summer course and meeting with another 18 students from the Year course but without four days a week in school it's all much more relaxed. I have plans - of course. :)

School Orchestra

Clarinet Soloist
DD had her end of year concerts this week. The Jerusalem Cub Orchestra was fantastic and the kids were so excited to be playing in a real theatre and with other older orchestras and bands. The next day they had the school orchestra end of year concert. In this one DD had a solo. The girl who wouldn't be part of any school assembly because she was too shy, had the first solo.

The children who are in both orchestras performed a surprise rendition of 'Toy" from the Eurovision Song Contest. I never knew it actually had a tune until I heard this orchestrated version. It was a lot of fun as all the children started clapping and singing along.

One of the fathers said to me afterwards, "weren't you the parent who complained at the beginning of the year about them having to take up a new instrument when they can't play the recorder yet?" I still think a recorder ensemble is lovely and worthwhile, but I admit that I was wrong about the clarinet. We will be continuing next year.

School solo

Family Visits
My nephew stayed with us last week, on his way to be a leader for a group of school children from his old school who are touring Israel for two weeks. It was sharav weather last Shabbat (over 36∘C) so we just stayed in, enjoyed each other's company, and played contract whist. We do love our card games. And this week I'm looking forward to seeing my cousin who's here for a wedding.

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  1. Oh well done to that young lady! You must be so proud. Enjoy the more relaxed summer and time with your family. Thanks for joining in

  2. Thanks Becky, I am very proud of her. xxx

  3. Congratulations to DD - she has accomplished so much this past year!
    I hope that you get to enjoy a bit of a break (even though you are still doing some teaching) and enjoy the visits with family.

    1. Thanks Margie, she has come a long way this year. I am so ready for the holidays. :)

  4. Wonderful news about the Clarinet and DD doing a solo, maybe not so much about the 36 degree heat! We are heading into a heatwave here, max temp 30 and I'm so not looking forward to it... Hope you have lots of reasons to be cheerful for this week too xx

    1. Thanks Candi, enjoy your hot weather. We're back to 31 today but up to 35 tomorrow (and hotter outside Jerusalem). I actually hate the heat if we have to go out in it.

  5. Ah huge well done on the solo part! Sou d's lovely! Hope you've had another cheerful week x

  6. Awesome article.