Thursday, August 23, 2018

R2BC - Short And Sweet

Nice and early this week, here are my reasons 2B cheerful.  It's short and sweet as the new academic year has pushed its nose into the end of my holiday and there's much to prepare. The Linky is live over at Becky's Lakes Single Mum. 

Lovely Photo
I love this photo of DD taken by Sarit Doron at the chocolate making workshop.

Proud to be Israeli
We saw this sign on a mixed-grill restaurant in the Golan Heights. In a country where all the soldiers are all our children, it was heartwarming and it made us feel so proud of the people who live here. The sign says, 

"Dear Soldier, don't be hungry. 
If you're short of money, tell a staff member and the shortfall is on us!"

Sunset over the Mediterranean

Club Med
After 30 years of living in this country I still get a kick out of living an hour's drive from the Mediterranean Sea. 


  1. A really lovely post. That sign is awesome, what a lovely sentiment. And what a view of the sea!

  2. She looks so grown up! Good for that business to take that step. Love the sunset. thanks for joining in