Sunday, September 9, 2018

Minimalism Phase 2 - Delayed Reaction

23 items to go out and another 6 not shown as they've already gone.
Before I start on the topic in hand, an update on The 1000 Clutter Challenge that I started last October (previously 500 before being upgraded to 1000). Having decluttered 952 clutters I had only 48 items left in order to reach the goal of 1000 unnecessaries out of my house. In the photo you can see 23 more things.

There are 7 items of DD's clothing (mostly too small and grubby school tops) to throw out. 7 books (two to pass on to friends, and the rest to donate). 3 old swimming goggles and/or their cases. A Kinder Surprise from inside a chocolate egg, a bag of dried out felt pens, an old CD, and 2 CD racks, I won't count DD's old school backpack with the dodgy zip because we bought another one to replace it.

I didn't get rid of the CDs - I'm not quite ready to do that yet, but I moved them to a book shelf that has been freed of books. So consolidated clutter rather than consigned.

One note about the Oxford Book of Quotations. I got two of these for my Bat Mitzva 43 years ago. I left one of them at my parents' house in London and the other has been with me all my adult life. I chose this one as it's inscribed from my Dad's cousin Alan. I noticed it this week as we were talking on facebook about Bar and Bat Mitzva presents that we still have. I have about 8 of mine still. And then I thought about it seriously. In these days of internet, I don't need a big bulky book of famous quotations. So thank you Barbara and Alan Miller, I really did love it and use it before the days of instant information online. But now it has to go.

I'm really into gifting well loved books that I know I won't read again. In addition to what's on the bed, another 4 books were gifted recently. A Gentleman in Moscow went to a real gentleman for his 60th birthday and Behind the Scenes at the Museum went to my colleague at school who, like the girls in the book, grew up in the north of England in the 1960s. Eleanor Oliphant also went to an English friend who will appreciate the cultural references. And a coffee table book about quilting went to a friend who quilts. Half the pleasure is finding just the right recipient for each book.

An outgrown dress and unused pencil case of DD's went to the little girl downstairs. That makes 28 clutters and a running total of 980 items.

During the summer I sold two items of furniture - a chest of drawers and a tall display cabinet that became surplus to requirements (already counted). A friend came over and exclaimed, "Wow! Your apartment really looks and feels much bigger!" Score

And here's where I'm stuck. Although much has been donated, passed on, sold, or thrown out.... much of it hasn't. I have tops of wardrobes and other assorted shelves and drawers full of stuff waiting to go to the Yedidya Bazaar. I am trying to weed it down by taking books to the park library but it's a slow process.

Until those spaces are freed up I can't move other things into them and free up other spaces. For example, I don't need to store spare cling film and foil, sponges, dish clothes, and paper towels, etc... in the actual kitchen. I buy all these things in bulk packages because it's cheaper but they could be stored in the cupboard in the study, along with the spare toilet paper, if only I could get all the unwanted stuff out.

It's a temporary stuck. A delay of you will. The Yedidya Bazaar comes round again in April so I'll keep chipping away at it until then. Any other charity sales or swaps that come up in the meantime will be gratefully embraced. The only disappointing aspect is that I don't yet feel like a minimalist as I  can still see where more space can be found and possibly one more piece of furniture eliminated.

On the other hand, I do intend to find those last 20 clutters to complete the 1000 clutters challenge within the year.


  1. I think that you have done an amazing job and should give yourself more credit. Everyone's definition of minimalism is different - it's whatever works for you and DD. I know it can be a bit frustrating to have to wait to finish things but it is all falling into place.
    I sometimes look around and feel the same way - I have gotten rid of, sold or donated a ton of stuff over the past few years, I don't shop a lot and yet I don't think anyone would describe my place as minimalist. But I'm happy - I have what I want and need - and the stuff still to go will get done over the Winter months.
    Each Sunday I take a couple of books into church and drop them off in the donation bin for next year's sale - and once a month I take 3 or 4 to my Social Club meeting for the book exchange table so progress is still being made and I think that's the important thing to remember.
    I am taking over a friend's locker space downstairs as hers is more accessible than mine (they measure about 4' x 6') but I don't intend to fill it. I am going to weed out things from my current locker as I go through it all and do the switchover. It will hold Christmas decorations, my trolley's for groceries and my ladder and that should be it. It is handy to have but don't want it to be a dumping ground. I have another friend in the building who has filled her space to the roof and I think she's afraid to open the door - I will not be letting that happen!

    1. You're right of course. I just get impatient. Good luck with your decluttering. I like the thing about taking a couple of books out a week. Slowly slowly, with most things seems to be the best way to go. xxx

  2. I can't believe you actually counted up all the things you've cleared out. I think I must be at a 1000 of so as well, I love clearing out and did the dining room this week, its so satisfying. Mich x

    1. Lol, it was in small batches so only 20 - 40 items at a time. And yes it is very satisfying.

  3. You've tackled this project so methodically and carefully, hopefully it will make a big difference when you finally finish.

    Also every time I read one of these posts, I get stuck in and do a bit of decluttering myself x

    1. I'm thrilled that I've inspired you to do some decluttering. I'm now struggling to find the last 20 items - even though I know they are in my wardrobe, a place I cannot bring myself to really deal with.