Saturday, September 8, 2018

September 2018 - R2BC

The obligatory back to school photo.
Begrudgingly allowed because it's the law. 
It's the Jewish New Year this week, it was the academic new year last week, also my birthday, the weather got cooler, as if by magic, and autumn is definitely in the air. The End.

Just kidding. September has always been my favourtie month for all the above reasons.

Rosh Hashana
A chance to repent, renew, recharge and reinvent. This year I finally stopped pretending that I would be going to traditional synagogue services and have arranged to meet with a  few friends on the first morning of Rosh Hashana (it's a 2-day festival) for some meaningful start to the year. I'm not sure exactly what will happen as although we have a  rough agenda, this is the first time we're doing this. But I'm very much looking forward to it.

At home DD and I will do all our own Rosh Hashana traditions - blowing away our sins and bad habits, and eating our menus with the Rosh Hashana Symbols. And some of the meals we're eating out with friends.

It was back to school for both DD and me this week. DD has always hated having her photo taken so on the first day of 1st Grade I told her it was the law. She's now in 5th Grade and she still thinks it's the law. Hilarious.

My Birthday.
Me and Ingrid Bergman reduced to tears as we marched, singing This Old Man, into a Chinese village in North Wales. You had to be there.

The Weather
It's overcast. Seriously, there's grey in them there clouds. We are praying for a wet winter in Israel. Turns out that desalination isn't enough and we're once again facing a water shortage. However, the heat of the summer is behind us and hopefully the universe will be kind.

The Reasons 2B Cheerful linky is with Michelle on Mummy From the Heart this week and for the whole of September.

Wishing everyone a SHANA TOVA UMETUKA (A Good and Sweet Year). 


  1. I think it is wonderful that you and DD have your own traditions and will be with friends for much of Rosh Hashanah. A friend is a retired teacher who supply teaches when needed and she is always booked for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur months ahead of time as we have a large Jewish population here in Toronto. It has turned very cool only 19C today with lots of rain today and tomorrow - wish we could send you some. I hope that you and DD have a very good year ahead with much happiness to come.

    1. Thank you and I wish you a healthy, happy year too as September is a sort of new year for everyone as the summer comes to a close. xxx

  2. I love autumn too my favourite season! Have a good time celebrating the New Year

  3. September always used to be my favourite month: it felt more like the new year than the New Year. I make more resolutions in September than January, and almost always changed jobs this month. Also my eldest celebrates her birthday soon :) I hope the rest of the month is good to you both xx

    1. Thanks Candi, I wish you a happy new year too - because it does seem like the logical new year. xxx

  4. Sorry, I've only just seen you posted last week! A belated happy birthday and new happy new year to you. I love that DD thinks the photo is the law! Mich x

    1. No worries, I was vary late at the linky I think. xxx