Thursday, September 20, 2018

Meditating And Other R2BC

A sukkah for living in next week during the festival of Sukkot
Reasons 2B Cheerful is brought to you this week in the middle of the Jewish Holidays of New Year, Atonement, and living in Booths. The Linky is with Michele on Mummy From the Heart. 

Happy Where I Am
A few days ago I was told that they are looking for an English teacher at a school very near where I live. My school is a 40 minute bus ride away. Before I could even weigh up the pros and cons I found myself saying, "no thanks, I'm happy where I am." 

I work in a challenging school and every year so far I've vowed not to return for the following year. But here I am starting my fourth year. This year there are have been a lot of changes in the work conditions so I'm in a better place without going anywhere. It was nice to know that my subconscious mind agrees.

Rosh Hashana Meditation
I didn't write a R2BC last week as I left it until Sunday and then something tragic happened that made it inappropriate to publish such a post. Had I posted, I was going to mention a wonderful Rosh Hashana experience on the first morning of the festival. 

Three friends got together in one of our homes for a meaningful discussion about the year ahead. We had all expressed some dissatisfaction with the regular synagogue services as they are very rigid and leave no space for your own individual prayers. There's also a lot of unnecessary repetition of things you didn't really want to say in the first place. 

We had a loose agenda decided beforehand including a guided meditation. I've only ever meditated successfully once and that was over 30 years ago. This was the first time since then that I felt the value of it and understood why so many people meditate daily. 

The meeting wasn't supposed to be instead of synagogue but rather an extra something before it. However, we were so content in our little Rosh Hashana circle that we decided to have kiddush together before we went. Kiddush is sanctifying the wine and it's usually an aperitif after services and before lunch, said with a blessing and often served with some light refreshment. 

It doesn't have to be wine - any alcohol will do. So out came the whisky and a plate of biscuits. From there we progressed to tea. Long story short, we spent the morning together and forwent the traditional service completely. This didn't matter as there were repeat services on the second day of Rosh Hashana. Our welcoming in the New Year was perfect. I hope we do it again next year. 

One of my favourite festivals and we are spending it in various places with family and good friends. It starts on Sunday night though the booths are already going up all over the country. And no school for another week. So that's next week's R2BC taken care of.


  1. It sounds as if your new year celebratiosn are going well, such a shame they had to be interrupted last week with the sadness of someone being shot. Fab to hear you're happy in your work now. Mich x

    1. Yes it's been nice so far. The man was stabbed and I'm just mentioning it because we don't actually have many criminal or terrorist shootings here as we have very good gun control. The guy who was stabbed then shot the terrorist before he could stab anyone else, and then Ari tragically didn't make it. I feel it's important to say because the USA gun lobby are always saying how we have so many armed civilians in Israel and we don't have a shooting problem. The reason is that all our gun carriers were trained in the army (as everyone serves in the army) and have very strict conditions and requirements if they want to carry a gun after the army.

  2. No school and festivals to enjoy sounds like a great way to start the new year. Very sorry to hear about the tragedy last week though xx

    1. Thanks Candi. And yes, we certainly make a big deal about the New Year.

  3. Glad you know what you want to be doing for work! Happy New Year hope its a good one for you x

    1. Thanks Becky. I surprised myself as the school looking for a teacher is around the corner - so convenient. But sometimes it's better to stay put even with the extra travelling, rather than go through all that getting to know a new school.