Friday, October 5, 2018

Reasons 2B Cheerful - Just Life

This week's Reasons 2B Cheerful is back with Becky on Lakes Single Mum and will  stay there for the whole of October. Here are my reasons...

Tie Dye Tee-Shirts
The tee-shirts came out really well. Rubbish Photographer (that's me) did not take the time to position the shirts well before taking the photo of them drying on the line. My bad.

DD took BFF's into school for her yesterday and they both promised to wear them with leggings today. Friday is always mufti day in DD's school. Anyway, this morning DD chickened out. I think her tee-shirt looks really cute but she says it's too big. It is big because it's an adult Large but to me it looks like a great tunic. To be fair, BFF's tee-shirt was only a Medium. I wonder if BFF wore her shirt to school.

The Art Class painting from my school
Art Class
The artwork from the Art Class arrived at the school where I teach and is now displayed on a prominent wall. You can see the post about this project and DD's class painting here. I wanted DD to be in Art Class again this year but unfortunately it's a one time opportunity so that different kids get to to do it each year.

ALEH Arts and Entertainment Fair
We loved the ALEH Arts and Entertainment Fair on Tuesday.

Here's a close-up of the original painting.
Israel View by Yisrael Paldi
I can't think of anything else. We're back into the daily routine of school and work so no outings except to school, Gymnastics ad Orchestra for DD. I'm very happy that she decided to stay in Orchestra this year even though only three kids from her school are going. She complains about it but I feel that if she gives up after only one year, that year of clarinet will have been somewhat wasted. So we agreed on one more year and then we'll see what happens.

Wishing everyone a cheerful weekend but also, as the Chinese say, may you live in boring times. 


  1. I love both the tie dye tee shirts. Clever girls.

    1. I was surprised how nicely they came out. I think it's quite hard to mess it up though. Thanks.

  2. Love the t-shirts - I remember doing that when I was a teenagers! :-)
    A few years ago as something to do during a birthday party for my niece my sister bought a bunch of t-shirts & pillowcases and fabric paint - it kept the kids busy for ages and everything was dry by the time they left for home - might be a fun project for DD & her friends (also looks great on cheap, white running shoes).

    1. Yes, fabric paints are a great idea too. Thanks Margie.

  3. Great t-shirts and quite fashionable to wear baggy but knotted at the hip! Or tunic over leggings but with a belt! Adore the artwork too.

    1. Yes, I love that tunic/leggings look. DD's not so sure.

  4. The T shirts and the painting both look great, have a good week x

  5. Great t-shirts! Amazing art work. Thanks for joining in :-)