Saturday, January 26, 2019

School Fair Bonanza - R2BC

I loved comparing the photos from previous years (follow the links). 
Reasons 2B Cheerful are precisely calculated at 100 nis (about £23)...each. Read this then pop over to Becky's Lakes Single Mum for more cheerful posts from around the world.

It was the annual school fair. This is the third year running that DD and her BFF have shared a stall selling all their old toys. I don't know how we manage to find enough toys every year but we seem to. BFF's mum also has connections with a plant nursery so she brings about 40 small plants as a sideline (although they are actually more popular than most of the old toys).

The first year that DD and BFF took part, there was no real money involved. It was hilarious as the G's (pretend school monetary notes) had a lifespan of two hours and then ceased to be valid currency. There was a certain amount of pressure to spend it all accompanied by gay abandonment, as it didn't really mean anything.

Last year, DD and BFF came home with 32 nis each (about £7.50). They were very excited and so was I. We'd cleared out a load of unwanted stuff, DD had spent some of the proceeds to indulge in a bit of spending of her own at the fair. She mainly bought food so we didn't come home with someone else's unwanted stuff which is always the danger.

As in previous years, the food stalls were very creative. There were pasta bars, felafel stands, pancakes and waffle places, a tea and coffee stall manned by one of the staff, cakes, cookies, crisps and popcorn, sweets, ice-cream and ice-lollies, drinks, candy-floss.... no one went hungry.

In addition to the food, there were arts and crafts, toys, books, plants, key rings, bookmarks, jewellery, and pom-poms. And probably more things that I can't remember. The Headmistress took half the English books we'd brought, for the English library. At the end of the day I donated the other half.

DD and BFF made over 200 nis. I think most of this was because they sold the larger plants for 5 nis each and we gave some games in perfect condition that they also sold for 5 nis. (The school set 5 nis as the upper limit for prices.)

And the sun shone making it a very warm January day.



  1. WO! They did really well! It's great that she is so willing to donate things each year and the plants are a wonderful idea.

    It was also a nice sunny day here, except that the temperature was about -6C and down to -15C by Wednesday, plus it is supposed to start snowing tonight and to continue through Tuesday! Even the Brit bloggers are starting to talk about Spring and daffodils & snowdrops - We still have to get through February before we can even think about Spring! DD and her friend look lovely.

    1. I cannot even imagine -15C. I am still hoping for some ore winter weather for us in February. We have been known to have some snow in Feb. And of course we still need the rain for the water. Thank you - I agree that they are both growing up into lovely young ladies.

  2. Well done to DD and her BFF, it must be really good for them in so many ways to have a stall like that, and learn about buying and selling and decluttering too. Have a great week and I hope you get some seasonal weather xx

    1. Thank you. I'm mildly interested in the snow but it's more about having a day off.

  3. its a good incentive to clear out! well done girls

  4. Someone else's rubbish being brought home was always a huge worry for me, this sounds like the perfect alternative...

    1. I'm lucky that DD gets it. Some other kids were going round collecting as much stuff as possible. It helped that over half the stalls were food.

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