Friday, February 2, 2018

R2BC - The Spring Edition

The street light eclipses the Supermoon. See below where I cropped it out.
Yes Spring has sprung here in Israel. I saw some almond blossoms on my way to school the other day. On Wednesday we celebrated Tu Bshvat, the New Year for Trees, and the weather just keeps on getting warmer. We're now in the late teens C, with blues skies and happy hearts. So plenty of Reasons 2B Cheerful this week. The Linky is back with Becky this month, on Lakes Single Mum. 

See above. And additionally, a bit of warm weather makes everything fine. I am enjoying my school teaching again, as I do every year as soon as the cold weather passes. We finished the first semester, We are in February which is a lot closer to fun festivals like Purim and Passover than January was and seemed. At college I get three Tuesdays off work for the mid-semester break (the fourth Tuesday is my students' exam so I'm hands on all day.)

That's better.
I've given up on getting a snow day this year. It's almost certainly not going to happen. It was a very mild winter although they are forecasting more rain in the middle of the month. We're still using the heating in the evenings just to take off the chill and for a pleasant apres-shower experience, but not at all during the day.

And to think I used to call February the Monday morning of the year. Well it was and maybe still is in old Blighty. I think it used  to be here too but the winters have got shorter. Oooh crikey! Note to self - go vegan, stop using plastic, swim to London for the holidays....

All the fun of the....
The School Fair
LOL, DD and her friend came home with 32 shekels each (about £7.50) from those little bags of old Kinder Surprises and other clutter around their bedrooms. And they probably spent a good 10 shekels each at other stalls. We didn't take any extra money with us so we were well chuffed with the extra pocket money this week.

DD and her business partner.
The sun was in my eyes so I just pointed and clicked.
I had no idea they were both looking the other way.
True to character, DD's friend wanted to save the money and was very strict about how much they could each spend. DD kept saying it's all about spending it not saving. My viewpoint was that all this money was going from stall to stall and it had to end up somewhere at the end of the fair. Anyway we did all right and I brought home our six leftover bags to give my youngest pupils as treats.

A lot of cupcakes, cookies and sweets were eaten but there were also less sugary options for refreshments - a pasta stand, popcorn, two fruit salad stalls, a strawberries and cream stall, fruit skewers, and a fruit smoothie stall.

As always the kids were very enterprising with one member of each team going round peddling their wares while the other minded the shop. I saw one boy sell a stallholder some popcorn for a shekel and while he was there, he bought something off the stall for a shekel. The shekel was handed back. I don't know why they did't just swap as everything was a shekel and there were no taxes to declare.

I thought this pancakes and toppings stall was a very good idea.
Report Card
DD got her report card for the first semester. It was a solid B report. She was a bit disappointed because she's come a long way this year and so expected more. I was very pleased with it. Having always been a C+ sort of gal myself, a B report is to be celebrated imo.

Apparently there was a Supermoon on Wednesday. People on facebook were urging me to look eastwards and be amazed. As my apartment faces west, I had to go out. Meh, it was big. Someone said something about an eclipse and the moon going blue and red. I didn't see anything like that but it was big and I got an eerie photo of the end of my street.


  1. I am very envious of all you bloggers asking about Spring! It's Minus 9C here today so we are back in the deep freeze - but it is lovely and sunny. I'm enjoying the sunshine from indoors as I've finally caught the terrible cold/flu that is making the rounds!
    DD did a great job with her solid B report - and the fact that she wants to do even better is really commendable. And that was a great result at the school fair!
    Glad you have all those days off to look forward to. I am looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics starting next week - it should help to keep me home a bit more so I'm not spending money! January was a very expensive month so I'm hoping that February is a bit quieter all around!

    1. I wish you better and I hope it doesn't develop into flu. And enjoy the Winter Olympics. xxx

  2. Well done to DD on her report card, and to her and her friend for being enterprising too. Have a great week with lots of mild spring weather - hopefully! xx

    1. Thanks Candi, we're looking forward to a week without coats at last.

  3. Love the idea of that school fair. Roll on Spring here we have snow forecast next week!

    1. Oy vey. We are heading into the 20sC this week. No coats starting from today.

  4. I looked at the supermoon here in the UK here and thought "that's bright", and that was about it :-)

    1. Well precisely. These supermoons aren't all they're cracked up to be.