Saturday, February 9, 2019

Eat, Read, Watch The Sunset - R2BC

DD's photo of Sunset over Jerusalem
This week the happy go lucky linky is back with Michelle on Mummy from the Heart. And here are my Reasons 2B Cheerful. Sunsets, books and food. What's not to be cheerful about?

DD took this photo on her phone and I shared it on facebook. It was a spectacular sunset over Israel that night and lots of people were sharing their snaps of it. I thought DD's was particularly good and apparently lots of people agreed as it got 71 likes. (One of the likes was me. I admit I liked my own post.) DD was so excited and kept asking me to check her score.

English Library
We have quite an extensive English library at our school of which I am in charge this year. Most of the books are donated and I would say that about half of them are not suitable for English language learners from 4th to 6th grade. They were donated by English speaking families and are great for native English speakers, but not so much for learners. 

We asked each child to pay 10 shekels to "join" the library for the year and so I ended up with over 1,000 nis to spend on new reading books. I went online and had the time of my life choosing a balance of girl/boy/both interest, beginners to intermediate levels (mostly "I Can Read" books, levels 1 to 3), interest appropriate for 9 to 12 year olds, and some interesting non-fiction (biographies and history, e.g. Amelia Earhart and Titanic).

They've not arrived yet but I've got my sticky-backed plastic ready for hours of covering.

Val d'Isere
Not the skiing resort, the breakfast. I went out for breakfast to celebrate a friend's birthday on Friday morning and chose the Val d'Isere from the breakfast menu. It was toast spread with pesto, slices of camembert over the pesto, and topped with a poached egg. On the side was a salad of baby beet leaves and almond slivers with a vinaigrette dressing. It was delicious.

So if I disappear off to Val d'Isere for a week next winter. Know that I'm going for the breakfast (pre ski?) rather than the skiing.


  1. Oh that breakfast sounds good! I went out for breakfast with friends yesterday and we went to an Israeli cafe - we all had shakshouka with a lovely salad and really good bread to sop up all the lovely tomato plus it had sides of labneh and tahini sauce. One of my friends is from Beijing but she is very enthusiastic about learning about Toronto and trying lots of new things - she enjoyed the labneh but wasn't too fond of the tahini.
    Nothing more fun than being able to choose a lot of new books! I've always said that if I ever win the lottery I'm going into my favourite independent bookstore and buy whatever I want! I'm taking a few friends along with me too! :-)
    DD's photo is beautiful - she did really well.

    1. I don't really get Shakahuka. It's basically poached eggs in tomato sauce. Was the salad chopped tomato, cucumber, green peppers, onion and garlic in a lemon and olive oil dressing. This is what I call Israeli salad and, ironically, some Israelis call Arab Salad. I love it though. Tahini can be delicious a a salad dressing too - with lots of olive oil, lemon, parsley and garlic.
      On of the best birthday presents I ever got was when a group of friends clubbed together and gave me a very generous voucher for Amazon Books.

  2. Well, I've never heard of a Val d'Isere breakfast before, but it sounds yummy. I do love thta picture DD took too. Mich x

    1. I'm sure the cafe made it up and called it Val d'Isere for some reason known only to them. Maybe the chef had it once in val D'Isere? I don't think it's a known Val d'Isere speciality or traditional breakfast. I googled it and I only got tourist B and B info.

    2. I was going to ask exactly that - how Val d'Isere got its name... Especially as I couldn't work out a link with skiing .

      Love DD's pic and good luck with the library - I didn't even know that sticky back plastic was still a thing!

    3. You could say it's the green pastures (pesto) on the bedrock (toast) with the French cows (camembert) grazing beneath the snowy mountain (poached egg). I just made that up.