Thursday, February 28, 2019

R2BC - So Long Wet Winter

Ready for Spring (photo by Sarit)
I really wanted to write this Reasons 2B Cheerful post tonight so that it gets in under February's posts, so that's why I'm on time this week. The Linky is at Mich's Mummy from the Heart for the last time before moving for March.

The Power of Whatsapp
Yesterday I was walkng to the bus stop when I met my downstairs neighbour on the corner waiting for her ride to work. We were chatting when we saw a car try to turn the corner on the wrong side of the road and hit another car. No one was hurt and both drivers got out and started taking pictures. My neighbour's ride came and I went on to catch my bus.

Later I got this Whatsapp message: "This morning I was involved in an accident on the corner of x and y streets. Two mothers from the school (actually my neighbour isn't but I am) saw it. Please pass this message on if you have kids in other classes so that I can find and talk to them." And there was a phone number.

I called. She is a First Grade mother but the power of Whatsapp sent the message to almost every class in the school. She told me that the guy in the other car is saying that it was her fault. I wrote down what I saw and whatsapped it to her. She was very grateful and said that they probably won't need a witness but the insurance company might call me to verify.

Away Away
In the famous words of Meryl Streep in Mama Mia, it's not just away, it's away away. Yedidya Bazaar was earlier this week. I took along five shopping trolleys worth of stuff that I'd decluttered last summer but not yet moved out of the apartment. I'm still trying to decide how to best use the freed up space in the spudy wardrobe.

Stormy Weather
We just had the most almighty storm in Israel. The streets turned to rivers, the lights went out at school (although strangely all other electricity was fine), it hailed tennis balls of ice, the ground is saturated. It was amazing! Obviously it was amazing because it only lasted two days. I get it that this sort of weather that can go on for weeks in the UK and other northern climes, is not amazing, just depressing. But for us, it was amazing. Now it has almost passed. Almost but not quite.

This winter has marked the end of a five year drought. That doesn't mean no rain for five years but very little, and not enough. And more rain expected next week, although not as big a storm as we just had.

Marching On
Tomorrow is March. So long winter. You were a wet one this year and we're ready to say thank you and good bye.


  1. Yay for the rains, great when they come to a place that really needs them and how fab you could help the lady who had the car accident. Mich x

    1. Yes, it's a whole other attitude to rain from how I grew up in England. And yes, I was pleased to be able to help - the other driver was totally out of order. He was on the wrong side of the road for goodness sake.

  2. Social Media really can be a power for good at times - that was a quick thinking mom.

    5 trolleys full - you must have a lot of empty space! Did you buy anything at the bazaar?

    I'm glad that the rainfall will help with the drought conditions - hope next week's rainfall isn't as scary.
    We've had a week of crazy weather as well - we had wind warnings out all last Sunday & Monday as they hit nearly hurricane force levels. Then Wednesday it started snowing before 8am and didn't stop all day - 15 more cm on the ground! Today it was lovely & sunny but was minus 24C when I left for work this morning. Tomorrow it's supposed to be clear and around 0C but then temperatures drop again and more snow expected for Saturday - this winter is endless!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. I bought one book for DD at the bazaar. The book section wasn't so great this year. I think people are using the free libraries in the parks to offload books. Stay warm Margie. Our kids at school got all excited when it started to hail really badly as they thought it was snow. even if there was a bit of snow, it was so wet that nothing could stick.

  3. Spudy? Is that British slang or a typo? :-)

    1. I picked it up from other blogs. It means spare room and study in one room. I thought it was a known contraction but maybe not.

  4. I love the term Spudy. I have one of those too! Sounds like a huge welcome storm in terms of water at least! :)

    1. Yes, it was very welcome even if difficult to live through. We have a saying in Hebrew: It was good and good that it was (meaning good that it's passed).