Friday, November 1, 2019

Autumn D-Day

First soup of the season. 
I hesitated to call today Duvet Day as that label has been used before to mean a day that you stay at home under the duvet. Today was not such a day. Today was D-Day in the sense that we finally put the duvets back in the covers after the long hot summer.

It coulda, shoulda, woulda been done a few weeks ago but we came back from London when it was still quite hot, then we were up and down the country visiting family over the festivals, and then I went back to work and was exhausted for the first week while I got used to early mornings and full days again. And, if I'm honest, changing the duvet covers is the job I hate doing the most. Even more than cleaning the toilets.

So we put blankets over the empty duvet covers, then we shut the windows, then we switch to winter pyjamas. Finally, when the clocks have gone back and I find myself searching for my fleece in the middle of the night, I know I can't put it off any longer. And DD told me she was cold last night so not getting out the duvets might be classed as child abuse.

The beds look nice and puffy again with added blankets on the end, just for show until the real winter starts.

Along with putting the duvets in the covers, I put the table-top fan from the living room away in a top cupboard (recently vacated by two duvets) and put an extra lamp in its place. Then I put my fitflops (which I've not worn for about a week) into the cupboard.

It's too early to get out the heaters. All the windows are wide open still and we're not even wearing coats outside. The days are pleasantly sunny. The mornings and evenings are cool and the nights are cold. (N.B. This is only in the mountain regions. Tel Aviv, the coast and the Negev are still hot. - which is why I live in Jerusalem.)

I'm not quite ready for it to be winter but I am looking forward to climbing under the duvet for the first time tonight.



  1. I used to hate duvet cover changes too until I saw this method.
    I'm very short with very short arms too but this way I can easily do our king size duvet by myself.

    1. I'll watch this methodbut my new method is to have DD hold the far corners while I place the near corners. Then I just shake it all into place.

    2. Oooh I replied too soon. I'm definitely going to try this way next time. I have seen it before but I'd dismissed it. Thanks for reminding me. xx

    3. And if you take the cover off the duvet the same way by rolling then untucking, the duvet cover is then inside out as you need it. Genius! Have fun xx

    4. It really does look genius. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.