Sunday, November 3, 2019

Work Reasons 2B Cheerful

I've been watching the [refelcted] sunrise.
Reasons 2B Cheerful is back with a proper linky and everything. The linky is at Becky's Lakes Single Mum. Us cheerful bloggers got a bit behind over the summer and then with all the back to school stuff going on the linky lapsed for a while. But a lapsed linky isn't a dead linky and I'm happy to have it back as it encourages us to post something upbeat at least once a week.

My R2BC for this week are about work.

1. Straight Exchange
A colleague from college phoned and asked me to stand in for her one week just as I was worrying about having messed up by scheduling an exam for one set of students while I was supposed to be teaching another class. We did a straight swap. She proctored my exam and I'll take her lesson later in the month.

2. Paid
I got paid for the summer online course I facilitated. It all goes to pay for DD's annual school payment (it's a state school but the parents have to pay a sum towards extra costs), her birthday party in a few weeks, and my yearly building dues. But it means I don't have to worry about these Autumn expenses.

3. Perfect Hours
I wanted to teach fewer hours in school this year and so have an extra day to run my home - i.e. clean, shop, make appointments, and run other errands during office hours. I had 22 hours, they cut it to 12 hours and I requested 15. I got 15 teaching hours spread over three days. Perfect.

4. Free Sundays
 My free day is Sunday. Oh how I love having my Sundays back. One of the hardest things to get used to in Israel is no Sundays. We still have a two-day weekend over Friday and Saturday (just the grown-ups, most children have school six days a week 😢), but Saturday is Shabbat and it's not the same.

Shabbat is a very busy and often over scheduled day with synagogue services (if you go) and big meals with guests, friends or family. Often people stay overnight with friends if they don't travel on Shabbat. It's soul destroying to have to cut the day off when the sun sets and suddenly get all busy clearing up and preparing for work the next day. So this year I shall enjoy my Sundays.

5. Early To Bed
DD and I have been going to bed very early. 9 pm for her and around 10 pm for me. It makes getting up in the morning very much easier. We are so not morning people, but we've both enjoyed waking up refreshed at 6 or 6.30 at the latest for DD and I've even been waking up at a time with a 5 at the beginning. It's hard for us to make ourselves go to bed at a reasonable time because we're not naturally tired in the evening. But it's so worth it for everything that gets done before work.

OK, that's it. 8.45 and I'm off to bed.


  1. Missed the last few posts so just catching up! congrats on getting the work hours sorted. I now work 25 hours per week, 4 or 5 days a week - it's flexible. Having time during the week to do things like laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping makes such a difference when it comes to the weekends!
    More and more I'm trying to keep Sunday as a day of 'rest"/ For me this does mean church - then often lunch with friends. When I get home that is my time to phone and catch up with out of town family and friends.
    Supper is usually just something light or something that can be reheated so I can spend the rest of my time reading or watching something on Netflix. I'm in bed by 11pm at the latest and it sets me up for the week ahead.
    I am a morning person so I'm glad to hear that the new routine is working for you and DD. Have a great week!

    1. I always knew that earlier mornings are more productive but it took seeing DD not able to get up in the morning because she was too tired, to be strict about early bedtimes.

  2. It sounds as though a number of things are coming together, here's to a more relaxed life, delighted for you xx

    1. It'll never be a relaxed life because although I know all the theory about time management - I'm not very good at implementing it. I'm the Queen of wasting time.

  3. Well done on those early nights, they do make such a difference. I get good for a while and then lapse! It sounds like loads of good stuff going on for you and working out for a good balance. Mich x

    1. I messed up last night by going to bed too early. It's now 4 am and I'm up. LOL.