Saturday, May 16, 2020

Is It Over? - R2BC

One single poppy
(There was a live concert in the street below.
Not much social distancing.
Israelis are largely voting with their feet on that.)
Here are this week's Reasons 2B Cheerful. It's an interesting exercise to come up with things when you only venture outside twice a week to go to the supermarket. Thank goodness for facebook and zoom. And You Tube and Netflix of course. The Linky is with Becky on Lakes Single Mum if you want to see what other cheerful bloggers have been getting up to.

Schools Return
All schools go back this week. DD starts on Monday. So no splitting classes but there will be staggered playtimes, personal distancing as much as possible, no sharing food or touching, and masks worn all day. It's going to be 37C for most of this week but the classrooms do have A/C.

Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I know three people who died of covid-19. And another seven people who are immediate relatives of friends. But not in Israel. Otoh, we still have over 3,000 active cases in Israel and the whole pandemic started from one person.

DD is more than excited so this is a reasons 2B cheerful for her.

I don't return to school because the foundation that pays me isn't reinstating their teachers yet. I teach the native English speakers so I'm considered extra-curricula. I'm wondering if they will take us back at all this year as their academic year stops with the colleges at the beginning of June (I don't usually finish the school year). It's a big cut in money but, otoh, we're spending very little atm. I don't really mind. I take a 40 minute bus ride to school and work closely with young children. I'd rather feel safe. But obviously I'll do as I'm told.

Family Quiz Night
My nephews organized a family quiz night on Thursday. We were five teams in four locations and each team made a round of five questions. There ended up being a couple of extra rounds and up to 10 questions were accepted. It was fun. DD and I came bottom.

One Poppy
Over a month after the official poppy season in Israel, one single poppy appeared in my meadow (planting box). It was beautiful. It was only there for a week and now it's gone. Such is life.


  1. AHH nice that your poppy came up for a bit. Mine want to go back to school too, I'd hate them to have to wear masks though. It's do hard to know what's for the best. Take care, Mich X

    1. I think that in the end you just have to trust the system otherwise there'd be anarchy. Although it has crossed my mind that if they wanted to get the economy going immediately they could suppress the corona numbers to et everyone out of their houses. Meanwhile we're forecast 38C (100F) heat tomorrow and the kids have to wear masks all day - even in lessons. Ho-hum.

  2. Hi, I was just looking through my old blogger blog and rediscovered you :)
    We have a choice in France if our kids go back to school or not. I have decided not to send ours back just yet. One of my older boys (he's 26 now yikes) has been staying with us during lockdown and he's in a big risk category, so we can't have any risk of the virus entering our household. It's made the decision easier for us. I personally think it's way to early for the schools to start back yet, but can understand why most countries are trying to get kids back in school and people back to work. Can't help feeling it's only a matter or time before we're all back in lockdown though...

    1. Hello! I used to love your blog. I went to find out why I stopped reading it and saw that you had a four year break but came back last year. I didn't realize you'd returned to the blog. I'm going to catch up and put you back on my blog list. Very exciting, thanks for reconnecting.
      In reply to your comment - I agree for most of Europe. Israel is in a better place re the numbers. We have less than 4,000 active cases and dropping everyday. Meanwhile we're getting only 20 new cases a day. So it's not as drastic here and people have started voting with their feet and ignoring all the distancing rules. Many of us are not ignoring the guidelines and are more cautious. As I said above - it only takes a few to infect many and start it all over again. We will only know next week.

  3. Let's hope the school return goes well for her. I too am making do with less income but its not a hardship = yet!

    1. Thanks. Meanwhile it's 100F all this week and she will have to wear a mask all day. I told her she can come home if it's too hot to handle.

  4. I hope that things go well with DD and her return to school - I can understand how anxious she must be to see her friends - I feel the same way!
    We are getting an announcement on Tuesday from the Province that is supposed to focus on schools and daycare so we'll see what's next. The issue is - our school year finishes at the end of June and kids don't go back until the Tuesday after Labour Day in Sept. so everyone is wondering why they would bother for just a month. Most of our schools aren't air-conditioned and temps are to reach 23C by the end of this week and can easily move into the high 20's by the end of May. Many older schools would have difficulties with staggering bathroom times and there are concerns about school buses - spacing the kids and protecting the drivers. So many logistics to figure out.
    The problem is, many, many people can't return to work until their kids are either in school or daycare or camp - all of which are cancelled.
    Also - our teachers unions are quite powerful so their reaction will also be key.
    Good luck with everything.
    PS - love the poppy.

    1. Sounds like it's the same logistics of term times, the heat, spacing pupils, transport, and working parents all over the world. Our school year has been extended from finishing on June 30th to July 13th. In part it's because many parents can't pay for summer camps this year but also because by then the schools will have a system of hygiene and distancing that a summer camp cannot do.