Sunday, May 24, 2020

R2BC - Memory Lane

The once private fields behind my Mum's place,
 although we always went there for walks,
has become an official Country Park.
It's on my list of first places to go when we can travel again. 
I wasn't going to write a Reasons 2B Cheerful post this week as I couldn't think of anything to write. We're cheerful enough but there's nothing happening. And then, suddenly, a few things happened.

Childhood Memories
I got a message from an old friend from my childhood community, telling me about some members who have sadly passed away from the coronavirus. I was particulalry shocked and upset by one of the names - a man not much younger than me who I remember as a young boy.

I wrote a facebook message including a number friends from the old days and we reminisced for a bit. Then Daniel came up with the idea of opening a facebook group for anyone who grew up in our synagogue in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Within a few hours we had over 100 members.

Stanmore Synagogue was the heart of our lives back then. We went there for services on Saturday, Hebrew classes on Sunday morning and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mondays we went there for Brownies and then Girl Guides. The only day I wasn't in the building was Wednesdays and Fridays (and I sometimes did go to the Friday night service). During the week more than half the children from synagogue went with us to the local primary school and after we left, my mother taught there for 20 years.

It's been a blast catching up and awakening old memories, remembering names and events. Turns out that every single one of us hated those Hebrew classes three times a week. But hey, we can all read Hebrew and sing the Hebrew prayers in synagogue.

Thank you Daniel.

I am going back to school next week.
Not only am I returning to school but the school year and my contract has been extended until July 13th (instead of June 30th) so I will be paid for six weeks that I had assumed wouldn't happen. I spoke to my head of department and some teachers are back, some are not, some children are not coming back because school is not compulsory atm, the original timetable doesn't exist as each class is working in a bubble scheduling their own breaks, etc... it's all a bit of a mess and very difficult for the subject teachers to schedule lessons. I'll fit in wherever needed and play it by ear. I'm glad to be going back though. I've missed them.

I found this detective series set in rural North Wales, on Netflix. I'm enjoying it very much and learning some Welsh along the way.

The Weather
After a week of 37-38C temperatures, the weather broke and today there was rain (not in my neighbourhood but close) and a massive wind storm. Loving the cold weather. (FYI it's 20C. In Israel in May we call this cold weather.)

That's it folks. The R2BC linky is with Becky on Lakes Single Mum, as usual. 
Have a good week and stay safe.


  1. How lovely to catch up with old friends - but so sorry to hear about those that have died.
    Well that was a surprise about school - good luck with everything. They will not reopen the schools until Sept. here in Ontario although may offer some online classes over the Summer. Some Universities won't reopen until January but will offer online classes for the Sept. - Dec. term.
    We have only just starting to reopen shops - but with street access only - malls are not open as yet. They reopened more park amenities yesterday which brought out a few thousand young idiots to one of the big city parks. Doctors, the premier and the mayor went ballistic when they saw the photos and a ton of police and bylaw officers were sent there today to deal with any repeat - that did not happen! I really don't understand it - with cameras and social media everywhere why would you behave like that? What if your boss who has been trying to keep things going sees you acting in such an irresponsible manner? I certainly wouldn't be in a hurry to have someone like that back! We still can't seem to get our daily total under 400 here in Ontario (with most cases being here in Toronto) so we have been warned that they may have to shut things down again.
    I've watched Hinterland and really enjoyed it (I think there are 3 seasons so far) but the lead actor always has such a "hangdog" expression - one of the most depressed characters ever! :-)

    1. Yes I agree about DI Matthias. And there is a bit too much looking intently at one another without words. I hope they make more.
      I've been following the number for corona and it does seem to be waning a bit in places that started early. Russia and Brazil seem to be in big trouble atm, and Mexico also has large numbers of new cases.
      Keep well Maggie and thanks for commenting. xxx

  2. We had rain too its blissful! So glad you are working more than you thought. Love the fact that you have reconnected with so many old friends and acquaintances.

    1. Yes it's really lovey but taking up far too much time - the facebook group not the work. Thanks for hosting the linky. xxx

  3. I have also thoroughly enjoyed Hinterland and hope that they make another series. I hope that your return to school goes smoothly 😊

    1. Thanks. I was actually told I could go back today but tomorrow and Friday are holidays, the Festival of Pentecost, and I don't work there on Sundays so I told them I'd start on Monday. it's the 1st of June so new month new start. I wasn't quite ready to go back today.
      I also hope they make another series of Hinterland. I so wanted a relationship to develop between Yom and Mared but I suppose that would have been too much of a cliche. Not to mention unprofessional - although there doesn't seem to be much of a choice for relationships out there. Lol.