Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits 11

DD: Can we go to that place in London again?
Me: Yes we can go to London again.
DD: No! That place in London.
ME: What place?
DD: Where they had the princess dresses.
ME: (Kvelling) The Victoria and Albert Museum? You liked the museum?
DD: Not so much.
ME: So why do you want to go there again?
DD: I want to buy another one of those orange drinks.

(We bought her orange juice in the cafe when we stopped for a coffee.)

ME: Why are your dirty clothes on the floor?
DD: It wasn't me, I didn't didded that.
ME: You're supposed to put them in the dirty washing basket.
DD: I yes put them in.
ME: You didn't.
DD: I yes!

ME: It's your Hebrew birthday today.
DD: Am I 5?
ME: No, not for another three weeks.
DD: So what am I if it's my Hebrew birthday?
ME: You're bat hamesh.
DD: I'm bat hamesh but I'm not 5? Bat hamesh is 5!
ME: I know, but you're only 5 in Hebrew.

(The Hebrew calendar is lunar and is 11 days shorter than the English solar calendar. The adjustment is made by adding an extra month 7 times every 19 years. Thus we all have two birthdays which can be up to 3 weeks apart.)


  1. Hah! I remember bringing our boy to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida for a holiday of a lifetime a few years ago. All he talked about was the 'simpsons beer' in Simpson land (or whatever it was called!!)
    Happy Hebrew birthday to your cutie... adore the cute language - 'I didded & I yes'!

    xx Jazzy

    1. Thanks Jazzy. The "I yes did it," is a direct translation from the Hebrew.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL - I went to check out your blog. How do you know Hebrew? Thanks for commenting.

  3. Wow I did not know about this. Fascinating

    1. I assume you mean about the Hebrew calendar rather than the fact that you can buy orange juice at the V&A or that you should put your dirty clothes in the basket? ;)

  4. I really must try and capture some of the funny things mine say, I've always forgotten by the time I go to blog them. I just love the logic of a trip to London for some OJ! Mich x

    1. Ooh look what I found - an unanswered comment. I think you can still buy OJ at the V&A, even three years later.