Friday, March 18, 2016

Marathon Day 2016

Many of the schools were closed in our neighbourhood as the marathon runs through it. DD's school was open and she wanted to go as it was going to be a fun day - obviously as they knew that only 30/300 children would attend. It's the same every year. I think if the Ministry of Education doesn't declare it an official holiday (like they do on snow days) then they have to give back a day if they close.

So we slept in for a bit and I dropped DD off at school half an hour late. The whole school was in one classroom doing various arts and crafts. Later they had some sports activities and watched a movie. I went shopping and picked DD and her friend up 20 minutes early at 11.25. (Yes Friday school is only till 11.45 - we call it stupid Friday.)

We went to see the tail end of the marathon from the bottom of our street. It was an amazing event with a full marathon, a half marathon route, a 10k, a 5k, a family run, and a communities run, and some people even biked the route after the runners had finished with it. Thousands took part. The weather behaved beautifully.

You can see an overview of marathon moments published by the Jerusalem municipality. The runners are impressive but I like looking at the views of Jerusalem best.

מרתון ווינר ירושלים 2016
הכי יפה לכם ספורטיבי!שבת שלום ירושלים ❤
Posted by ‎Jerusalem Municipality | עיריית ירושלים‎ on Friday, 18 March 2016

We got in one kif (high five), bought ice lollies, danced to the music and found all sorts of activities for the kids. We met up with another of DD's friends and the three girls came to us for lunch. I would have liked to see more of the runners but apart from that it ended up being a perfect day.

The last few stragglers
And there they go.
The bubbles were fun


  1. For a moment there I thought this was going to be about you taking part in a marathon! Maybe next year, eh? I love the colour and the views. Almost like a St Patrick's Day Parade ;) xxx

    1. My first reaction to that comment was: That'll be the day. However, my fb newsfeed is full of the most unlikely people taking part. And the fmily run is n 1.8km and plenty of people walk-jog the longer runs. So you never know.