Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits #39 - Godly Matters

DD: But how did Elohim make himself?
Me: I don't know.
DD: Nobody knows except for Elohim himself. That's the big problem, how did he make himself out of nothing?
Me: You're right.
DD: I mean there was no planet even.
Me: You're right.
DD: Just Out Of Space. Wait, did Elohim live in Out Of Space?
Me: I suppose so. By the way, it's Outer Space not Out Of Space.
DD: Hmmmm. Chilly out there.

We are reading Greek Myths.
DD: There's a lot of bad dying in these stories.
Me: What's bad dying?
DD: When someone died because they didn't do what they were told.
Me: Whats good dying then?
DD: When you lived a long and happy life?

Look no front teeth!
Pandora's Box
DD: Oh no! I can't bear it! She's going to open that box I know she is. Quick, read it fast, I can't bear waiting for it to happen.


  1. Lots of words of wisdom from your daughter there, and she is looking so grown up now too!

    1. She's starting to sort out life's bigger issues. LOL.