Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Power Of Names

There is something mystical about names. A person's name becomes them and they become their name. I once met a girl in California called Sparkle. She did sparkle. Was that an incredibly lucky coincidence or did she simply become her name?

Or are there other options? Are names divinely inspired? Do we take on some of the spirit of a person whose memory we are namd after? Can we change bad luck or bad health by changing our names? can we fool the Angel Of Death by naming a child Alta (meaning old in Yiddish)?

Last night on the news there was this story about a family in Miami who needed a name for their baby boy. Remember when I wrote one of my reasons to be cheerful about Sarah Beigal nee Litman taking an exam I was proctoring? Go back and remind yourself about her and then watch this video clip.

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