Friday, April 1, 2016

Reasons 2B Cheerful - A Give And Take Weekend

Six large bags of stuff off to the Yedidya Bazaar.
This morning, with the help of a friend and her car, I delivered six big bags to the Yedidya Bazaar which starts on Sunday. You can read about this amazing event here. I've explaind how it works a number of times since discovering it three years ago so I won't bore you with it again. If you want the full low-down click on the link.

I cannot believe we found six more big bags of stuff to donate having got rid of all this last year. There are actually another couple of small bags of stuff to pass on to friends. And we still have a few more places to declutter over the weekend so there might be even more to go. Seriously, where did it all come from? I think some of it is stuff I wasn't ready to part with last year but this year I'm a more seasoned declutterer.

This was just the first course. The kitchen was full of cookies and cakes.
I then went to another friend to do some catering. One year after her mother died, my friend, her immediate family and a few close friends visited the grave and then came back to the house for a light brunch. My job was to stay at the house, find all the food in the fridge, lay it out on platters and set the table. I love doing this. I wish it wasn't for a sad occasion but I was glad to be able to help by doing something I enjoy anyway.

Pretty flowers to feed Instagram. 
I collected DD from school and we saw some pretty flowers. Now I'm not the sort of person who usually stops to photograph the flowers but last week I felt compelled to join Instagram. My TOTS100 ranking was slipping by the month even though my blog stats were up. I read about the algorythms they use and a lot depends on your Klout score. I gave up on Klout a couple of years ago when I began to feel like the product rather than the client. However, if Klout is what it takes..... Anyway, my Klout score wasn't as strong as it used to be because they've moved the goalposts. As well as Facebook and Twitter, I now need to be active on Pinterest, Link'dIn, G+, FourSquare and Instagram. So I joined Instagram and despite not being a photographer nor having any interest in being one, I find myself taking photos to share. My Klout score jumped 2 whole points in a fortnight (that's huge). Next week I'm going to revisit my Link'dIn and Pinterest accounts and link them to Klout. It's a lot of work and I'm not sure how its really relevant to a successful blog but as I said, whatever it takes.

After a very hectic Purim last weekend I promised DD that we wouldn't arrange anything for this Shabbat. So we came home after shopping at 12.30pm and we have no obligations, no one to see, nothing to do, until Sunday morning. Well except for some more decluttering and I have to cook some food for us to eat of course.

On Sunday I'll be voluntering at the Yedidya Bazaar from 10 am till 4 pm when it opens. Others will be setting up through the night from 8 pm on Saturday but I can't do nights so I go to help the final setting-up shift on Sunday. (Jerusalem Peeps - the Bazaar is open from 4 pm till 9pm on Sunday and Monday.) This makes me happy because I used to be a person who volunteers but the opportunities to do so without getting a babysitter are very few. And of course organizing is my idea of heaven.

So that's it. A productive Friday, a selfish Shabbat, and a satisfying Sunday. I'm linking up with R2BC over at Lakes Single Mum.


  1. I joined Instagram initially because of the Tots thing, but I got hooked because I've always liked taking photos anyway. I didn't know it had to be linked to Klout, which I don't think I'm now at all! I hope it works out for you - maybe you could write about what bloggers need to do to increase their tots scores for people like me who've completely lost track???

    Well done on the decluttering - I haven't done so much this year, but I have been a bit busy... And that's a beautiful spread, even if it is for a sad occasion xx

    1. I think you have a klout score whether you like it or not. I once saw a friend's klout score on the website and she didn't even know what klout was. If you signed up nce you definitely have one still.

  2. Sounds like lots to be smiling about :-)

    1. A great weekend anyway. Not loads of action but very staisfying.

  3. What wonderful reasons to be cheerful. I never knew all that about Klout (will pop over and take a look) mine is covered in cobwebs ! xx

    1. As was mine. But they keep it running for you indefinitely because you are still the product and not the client.