Monday, April 18, 2016

Summer Handbag Time!

Thank goodness we don't wear white shoes through the summer anymore (but never after Labor Day apparently). However, you do need a summer and a winter handbag. Of course you also need a small bag for the evening and a bigger holdall type thing for travelling and days out, but for every day one summer bag and one winter bag are all I need.

I once tried having a few everyday bags to go with different outfits but it got too complicated and time consuming to change and check bags all the time. There is that handy trick of an inner mesh bag that you simply move from bag to bag. But actually, I don't want a load of different bags. I'm an anti-clutter simple-life sympathiser remember.

My winter bag is an old favourite. I bought it somewhere in downtown Jerusalem many years ago for less than a tenner and it's still good. For winter. It's a little dark and heavy looking for the summer.

Winter buddy
The other day I was looking for some bag solutions. Namely, something to put in your hand luggage that contains only what you need for the plane so that if they want to put your hand luggage in the hold you can just take out the little bag with your passports, purse, phone, book, sandwich, apple, and colouring things for the plane. We like them to take our hand luggage so we don't have to schlep them about the airport. As we're only taking hand luggage this time they are the biggest allowed - don't worry I've measured.

Anyhoo back to the story. I saw a pretty bag for the summer. Last's year's summer bag, from Primark, fell apart so I was in the market for a new one. I thought this one, though smaller than I'm used to, would be good to go inside my school bag when I'm at school all day. I'm a little fed up with lugging two big bags with me everywhere, And I liked it so much I bought one for my sister too - as a thank you for making Pesach for all of us. I just want to emphasize here that I paid full price for the one I'm giving to my sister and it was my bag that cost half price on the 50% off 2nd purchase deal.

Secure zip on top
I have few requirements for my everyday bag. It must be comfortable on my shoulder, it must have room for all my stuff, it must look nice, it must close securely and preferably with a zip, and a small zipped pocket is always useful. C'est tout.

Essential stuff

It all fits!

Here are the things that had to fit inside. It was touch and go. In the end I ditched the pink mesh bag. It's snug but it works.

Ready to go.

Claimer: No one gave me this bag to plug. I bought it myself.

Summer buddy 


  1. you can't beat a bag that fits all your stuff. I'm pleased the summer bag is out - summer must be on it's way!

    1. Summer is here in Israel. We're even going to start swimming lessons again next week.