Saturday, April 30, 2016

Reasons 2B Cheerful - London In The Spring

We went, we saw, we celebrated Passover, we came home. And we had many reasons to be cheerful.

DD is old enough to appreciate a day out in London.

She had her first ever ride on a boat.

My sister took DD to Kidszania. I wasn't with them but it sounds amazing. And we've saved a fortune in careers counseling as she now knows, having gained a civil engineering degree from Kidszania University for a bridge made out of drinking straws, that she wants to be a parcel delivery person. Another day she tried out being a bus driver at the London Transport Museum and a witch in Covent Garden. But postwoman was the best.

We saw pigeons and ducks in the park but the squirrels were too fast to capture on film. DD: "I'll keep a spot on my eye for one because I'm a good looker." :~)

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@RubbishPhotography by Midlife Singlemum.


  1. It looks like lots of fun was had on your visit. My girls went to Kidzania with school recently and loved it too. Michx

    1. I would love to have seen it though my sister said there's nothing there for the parents to do except sit and wait for the kids.

  2. It's wonderful when your child gets to the stage of enjoying going places and doing things, I loved those years :)

    1. I know. And it means I get to discover London again through new eyes. Sometimes, before DD, I would go to London for a week and not leave the few NW suburbs where my family and friends live. How sad is that?