Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Only In Israel

Random schoolbag in our hallway
All the schoolchildren in Jerusalem get a course of swimming lessons during the school year of 6th Grade. The schools don't have their own pools but the kids are bused to a local public pool or to the University which has a pool on each campus. My 6th Grade girls are currently missing every other lesson for this event.

Last week I asked one of them, "how was swimming today?" She replied. "I didn't go because the army blew up my swimming bag."

Bizarre? Not really. I immediately knew exactly what had happened. "Silly girl. Where did you leave it unattended?"
"Outside the Community Centre."
I rolled my eyes and she continued, "with my schoolbag."
"What?! All your books too?"
"Yes..... and teacher, also my book report."

No one questioned the excuse for not handing in her book report. It wasn't even a big story. We've all seen schoolbags left in public places by kids - usually outside the school gates. An obvious action would be to take the bag into the school where they could open it and identify the pupil. But we are taught not to approach unattended bags or packages. We call the police and they close the road for 200 metres or more each way. The police call the bomb squad and the bomb squad blow up the bag in a controlled explosion. Nothing unusual, it happens all the time.

P.S. I told her she still had to write me a book report but I gave her extra time to do it.


  1. It truly is amazing what humans can adjust to! We had something similar happen recently - I believe it was at the out of city bus terminal. Not sure why in this particular case they decided to blow it up - but they did. It was someone's underwear!
    We do have notices up and get announcements on the transit system to be aware and to report anything suspicious to TTC personnel. HA! That usually gets a laugh as chance would be a fine thing! Try finding one - and then - try finding one that gives a damn!
    Stay safe!

    1. It is amazing how one's reality changes. I'm always amazed and a bit nervous when I get to London and everyone just walks into the shopping malls and supermarkets without having their bags checked.

    2. Have to say I kind of felt the same way on my last trip to London - especially at the museums and galleries. I remember my first trip (during the IRA bombings) and how we always had to open our coats and have our bags checked so I was surprised. I suppose some places have more sensitive devices that we don't even see and of course there is CTV everywhere so maybe that is why>>>