Friday, July 20, 2018

Holiday Families And Fasting For Love - R2BC

5. Living in the Desert.
I went to visit my friend who lives in the desert.
Seriously, the real desert is at the end of her street. 
Lots of reasons 2B Cheerful this week despite the seemingly overwhelming hateful, political events happening in the world. The linky is with Michelle on Mummy from the Heart where we celebrate the small things every week.

On Sunday there is fast Day in the Jewish world. It's the second biggest fast day after Yom Kippur. It's supposed to commemorate the destruction of both the first and the second Temple in Jerusalem. And they added a load of other sad or tragic events to make a day of religious mourning. Delve a bit deeper and we can find reasons to make Tisha B'Av (the 9th of Av) a day we can all relate to.

They say that the Temples were destroyed as the result of baseless hatred among people. I suppose it meant among Jews in particular but let's be inclusive in this day and age. Either it means as a punishment from God or as a natural result of baseless hatred - take your pick. I can relate to a fast against baseless hatred. So.....

Tisha B'av
I'm going to fast on Sunday in solidarity with all those fasting against baseless hatred in the world and all those suffering from it. Not a reason 2B cheerful as such but a positive action. Of course I don't just fast, I also try to spread the love in real life and do my bit on social media to protest wrongs and get the truth out there where there is injustice.

The real desert
Work work
One intensive summer course is over bar the grading of papers. I really enjoyed it. 25 hours of frontal teaching to the same group of students in a week is exhausting but it was also a good experience. A certain amount of bonding happens when you're with one group for 25 hours within five days. And there is no time for anyone to lose momentum so they all worked hard and they will all pass once they send in their final  projects (bar any surprises with the grading).

For me it was an unexpected extra paycheck in the summer. I've already spent it of course as we need a desktop computer that DD can use and I promised her a smart phone for 5th grade.

House work
Yeah I know, but I've done practically nothing all week and it's nice to see the bottom of the kitchen sink and the laundry basket again. Seriously - we were washing up cups on a need to use basis. (I admit that this is where hoarders come into their own.) Next stop the bathroom.

Summer Holiday Families
We have our summer holiday family. We love them and we are grateful for them. Any single parent with an only child will know that holidays can be disappointing. I'm not talking about a trip to London or other places where there's lot's to do. I mean a traditional beach and pool break in a hot climate.

In a family with two adults and more than one child the adults have help and company, and the kids have playmates. But try taking your pre-teen to play in a pool or on the sand for hours by herself. It doesn't work unless you also want to spend hours playing with her. Call me a bad mother, but after a couple of hours I've had enough, let alone repeating it for days without another adult to step in so that you can at least read your book for a bit. Think of it like one parent taking one of the kids away. See what I mean? It wouldn't work.

So we have our Summer  Holiday Family. We go to the beach together, we go to the pool together, we're going camping for three days (yurting actually), we go to the zoo, the water park, and we even just stroll into town together of an evening to eat out. It's a simple concept but essential and we love it.


  1. Love that idea of a Summer Holiday family. Its why I enjoy SIngle with Kids breaks

    1. I think I'd also be looking into Single With Kids if I were I the UK.

  2. I love the idea of Summer holiday family, kids are always happier when there are more of them and especially someone different from your siblings, even if you have them. I hope you have some fabulous times and create some amazing memories. Mich x

    1. Thanks Mich, we had a great day a the pool today to kick off the summer.

  3. Glad to see you've found some reasons to be cheerful despite the hurt you obviously feel about what's going on: I really hope the current situation changes soon xx

    1. Me too. It will obviously change but we're praying that it does so without a war. I'm also following upsetting news about the UK Labour Party.

  4. Glad to hear that the extra class went so well and that you and DD can now enjoy your summer holiday with your "extended family". I feel the same way about my friends - I'm no longer close to family - and they all live far away - so friends really are my family and a lifeline at times.
    And I hope the world remembers to thank Israel this Sunday - we woke up to the news about the rescue of the "White Helmets" and their families - and it is only because of what your armed forces were willing to do that so many have been saved. 250 will be coming to Canada in the next few months but none of them would have that opportunity without the bravery of the Israelis.

    1. About the extra class being over, In theory. I still seem to be left with a load of grading to do. But it should be almost all over by the end of the month. Thanks about the White Helmets News Report. It's not often that the BBC has to report something heroic about Israel. This time there was n choice as they definitely wanted to report the UK's part in it. LOL.