Friday, July 13, 2018

Work, Play, Stretch And Shop - R2BC

DD has discovered the joys of gymnastics.
I remember it so well.
Okay so it's not coming home but that's no reason not 2B cheerful. Life goes on and here are my Reasons 2B Cheerful for this week. The linky ladies are with Michelle this month on Mummy from the Heart.

Football Crazy
I was passionate about football for a whole 2 hours. Possibly less as I only joined the semi-final at half time. Although I was caught up in all that "Football's Coming Home" excitement and I have been singing it all week. (Note to self: Try to stop singing it now. Time for a new song.)

Someone on facebook posted a link to live coverage so I went there and was hooked even though I missed the first England goal. I saw the equalizer. Then I got bored. Even I could see that England weren't playing very well. I was flicking about between websites and I missed the second Croatia goal. But I was hopeful until the bitter end. However, England will be 3rd or 4th in the World Cup - that's still world cup football. And at least we weren't beaten by France, eh?

What Holiday?
I've said before that I'm always surprised in July when the college semester finishes and the work doesn't. Well my July just got more worked up as next week I'm standing in for another teacher on a summer course (another one as well as the one I'm already facilitating online). It was all at the last minute (personal reasons) but I've suddenly got to come up with 25 hours of frontal teaching from Sunday till Thursday.

This time next week I'll be extremely happy (never mind cheerful) as I send in my hours to the college bursar.

Latch-key Kid
DD has been taking her door key to summer school with her and I've been free to come home leisurely instead of racing against the clock. Still loving the new sense of freedom and life is so much less stressful without this rigid time constraint. I don't stay out all afternoon but I can be an hour late and she's fine. It's great that she can call me on my mobile - what did we do without them?

Independence Day - The Movie
Well not that actual movie but a different movie. This week DD went to the cinema with a friend. The friend's Dad took them, bought the tickets and made sure they went to the right screen. Then he left and they walked home together after the film. We're lucky that we have a Planet Cinema complex about 20 minutes walk away, along the main road. DD loved the whole experience. And so did I.

New watch.
I'm left handed and wear it on my left wrist.
This makes taking the photo tricky.
#rubbishphotographerstrikesagain #outoffocus
Which Watch?
After wearing DD's Barbie pink watch with a plastic strap, for weeks now, I finally bought myself a new watch. It looks more expensive than it is - which was the goal.

Does anyone know what film this comes from? My Dad used to quote it all the time.
Two men meet in an Arab shuk.
A: Which watch?
B: Two watch.
A: Two watch? Such much?!

Olga Korbut
DD is into gymnastics. More about that later but the photo above is pretty much standard at any given moment, if she's not perfecting her splits or doing a backbend.

Wishing you a great weekend and a cheerful week ahead. 


  1. I'm afraid I was completely disinterested in the World Cup - I used to follow football when I was young and had more time, but I've stopped following sport, that is apart from athletics and gymnastics - so I'm really excited that DD is interested! My eldest daughter will be too - she's still coaching, judging and bringing gymnasts to competitions during her 'spare' time :) xx

    1. Wow, your daughter is really involved in gymnastics. We are just at the stage of looking for a class for September. Coaching and judging is very impressive. And I've returned to being completely disinterested in football until 2022.

  2. So lucky that she can have such freedom! Yay to extra money :-)

  3. One of my daughter's is Constantly doing the splits too. It makes such a difference as they get older and can handle a bit of independence. Yay to the extra pay cheque and I hope it comes easy drumming up the work. Mich X

    1. Thanks Mich. I don't want any ore work after next week, until September. I'm ready for a break. But yes, Yay to the extra pay check.

  4. Just keep thinking about the extra pay to help you get through the week - and then enjoy your time off when it's finally here!
    That's great that DD is becoming even more independent and she certainly seems to be very responsible so that will help keep your mind at rest.
    I become completely involved in the World Cup - we got all the games and the timing for us was pretty good (given the time difference). Because Toronto is such a multi-cultural city we have people cheering for every team. They decorate their cars and drive around the city blowing their horns when their team wins. Half the city was in mourning before it even started because Italy didn't even qualify. There was a HUGE party downtown the year they won! I think I'm going to cheer for Croatia as they will be the underdogs.
    I used to be a gymnast - mostly the uneven bars, the vault and the trampoline. My mother used to get upset at all the bruises but it was just all a part of it. I really enjoyed it. However, my days of being able to do the splits are long behind me! :-)
    I like the watch - very classy. I am also a leftie and would wear a watch on my right hand however, I can't wear a watch - they've always run slow and stopped on me. My mother used to tell me that I had too much electricity in my body and I used to laugh - but turns out it does have something to do with my body chemistry. My friends always shake their heads as I always seem to know the time and I'm the one person who is never late!
    Don't recognize the film quote..... unless it's an Abbott & Costello bit - like "Whose on first"?

    1. I'm definitely rooting for Croatia now. I expect most English are. I also used to love gymnastics but I wasn't very good at it. And also long gone. Very interesting about the watch. I've never heard of that before. From one lefty to another, have a great week xxx

  5. The quote is from Casablanca I believe.

    1. Oh, that's funny because I've seen Casablanca a couple of times and I missed the quote. I'll have to watch it again. Thanks.