Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tidbits 23: Food And Education

DD's in bed and I'm sitting in the living room. Suddenly I hear soft whimpering and moaning coming from DD's bedroom. 
Me: DD are you all right?
Me: Darling, what's the matter? Are you ok?
DD: Be quiet I wasn't talking to you.
Me: What's going on in there then?
DD: I'm just telling myself a story. I don't know why you heard me, I'm telling it very quietly.

In the supermarket.
DD: Do we need carrots?
Me: No, we're not really carrot people.
DD: Of course we're cucumber and tomato people.
DD: Are we potato people? (Yes)
DD: Are we aubergine people? (I am, you're not)
DD: I'm gummy bears people.

A few days later
DD: Mummy why aren't we avocado people any more?
Me: We are Darling but they're not in season at the moment.

DD: Rock and Roll is a kind of music.
Me: Did you learn that in music at school?
DD: No, I learned it from Bubble Guppies. You can learn everything from Bubble Guppies. Even important things. You should watch it. I don't know why you don't watch it.
Me: Do you learn more from Bubble Guppies than you learn from going to school?
DD: Of course! They even have a 'First Day of School' on Bubble Guppies so I already know everything!

DD: Right we never had a chance to say goodbye?
Me: Say to goodbye to who?
DD: To the dinosaurs because they're dead already.

*Photos by Sarit Doron


  1. Good old Bubble Guppies, Leo spent ages going on about how Neptune is cold, and loads of other random things from watching it!

    1. It's actually amazing the amount she's learnt from it. She also learned quite a bit from Peppa Pig when that was her favourite. Tha't how I justify that she spends so much time on you tube. :P

  2. So sweet. Especially love the dinosaurs comment. Just lovely! :D

    1. I think that may have been prompted form something on Bubble Guppies as she said it just as an episode was finishing.

  3. For the record, we are carrot people, in a big way.

    And that dinosaur remark - I don't even know what to say. Love it. You'll be glad you recorded that one for posterity.

    1. Don't worry, some of my best friends are carrot people. :)

  4. She is hilarious!! I love the telling herself a funny! xx

    1. The skills of an only child - she's always telling herself stories, sometimes she sings them like she's living in an opera.