Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits #33 - You Tube And Other Auto-Didactic Moments

Hilarious. This is a new word learned from Barbie cartoons on You Tube.
DD: You were right Mummy, my shoes were in my bedroom. Hilarious.
DD: I didn't think I'd like that yogurt but I do. Hilarious.
DD: What do you mean, 'go to bed'? I'm not even tired yet. Hilarious.

Also from Barbie cartoons
DD: O.M.G.! Mummy what does O.M.G. mean?

When someone does something embarrassing on You Tube, someone else says, 'awk-ward!' Then the audience laughs.
DD: What does awk-ward mean? Is it the same as Hilarious?

And here's one she made up herself. 
Me: What do you want in your sandwich?
DD: (silence).
Me: Right I'm giving you old socks and ketchup.
DD: Sorry I was being so ignorious, I was busy.

DD: I can't decide if I want flat cheese or bitty cheese.
Me: Sliced or grated.
DD: No thanks, I'll have bitty cheese.

There is a Prayer for travellers that begins: May it be thy will our God and God of our Fathers.... At school before the summer holidays DD's class had to make up their own prayer for travelling over the summer. 
DD wrote: May it be thy will our God and God of our Fathers that we should all travel safely and no one dies.

On seeing the ironing board hidden behind my bedroom door.
DD: Is that board for swimming?

Dilemmas provoked by The Magic School Bus.
DD: If I eat only a little bit of food, not enough to fill me up, how do I make sure it doesn't all go down into one leg instead of being shared in both my legs?

Magic School Bus vocabulary
DD on smelling a bad smell: I'm getting bad smell molecules up my nose.
DD on seeing blood from a scratch: Oooh I can see all my blood cells.

Magic School Bus logic
DD: Are you tired again Mummy? That's because you've got a big tummy so all your energy goes there instead of going to your head.


  1. O.M.G..... very Hilarious! Seriously.( I guess she'll be using that one next!) I love how she uses the new words she's learning. It's gas how they actually use them in the correct modern day colloquial manner - even if they're unsure of their exact meaning! Like when they use a swear word for the first time, they always use it correctly!

  2. I know, she uses it in almost the right context but has no idea what it means. It's the slightly out of context usage that it so hilarious.

  3. Oh my God.... this is hilarious. <<< That is GENUINELY what I wanted to say but it features two of her phrases albeit it not being OMG.
    She is just too sweet and this is such a wonderful diary that means you will never forget these moments.
    I used to record everything Aaron said that was funny, and stupid me, since I stopped he's said THE FUNNIEST things, so I stopped at the wrong time. But before, I used to type them in my phone and if I resumed, I'd always have my phone in my hand. I do need to capture some of them too, as, as this post proves they're just too special not to.
    Their comments give such an insight into how they view the world, just too too cute and innocent. Totally heart warming.
    Liska xx

    1. Thanks Liska. Will there be a tidbbits post where you don't lament that you are not writing down Aaron's funny utterances? Only if you start doing it again! xxx

  4. So funny! (I can't write 'hilarious' obviously! OMG!)

  5. So charming - and it's wonderful you're keeping record of them. Not that she'll think so, obviously! X

    1. I won't show her until she's old enough to appreciate them :).