Friday, March 24, 2017

Beauty And The #Post40Bloggers - R2bC

Beauty And The Beast
I was going to buy tickets for us and take DD to the Israel premiere of the new Beauty film. It was a charity performance and, for once, the premiere was in Jerusalem and not in Tel Aviv. However, our lovely friend Sally-Ann bought a spare ticket and invited DD as her treat.

It was indeed a treat as they went for pizza first and had ice-cream and sweets during. DD loved it all and came home after 9 pm, all smiles and excitement. She said, "Mummy, I saw Hermione, I recognised her straight away because she had the same face."

Thank you Sally-Ann, you and Hermione were a big hit.

Featured Blogger
I was invited to join Post40Bloggers so that they could feature one of my posts. And here I am - this week's featured blogger. I'm absolutely chuffed, bowled over, feeling like the bee's knees and full of it. Well why not?

Thank you Mel, I'm flattered to be chosen.

And then there was this. It came home from school and was dropped in my lap. I'm going to send one back in the lunch box on Sunday. I know it's soppy but who cares. (Remember that though she's 8, DD's school education is almost all in Hebrew.)

I'm linking up with Reasons 2B Cheerful over at Mich's Mummy From The Heart. I took a quick peek earlier and there seems to be some extra activity this week. I hope so. It's spring and if bloggers can't find a few R2BCs in the first week of spring it's going to be long sad summer for them. The linky's open all week....


  1. A real heartwarming post, congratulations on featuring on post 40 bloggers (and a reminder that I really should rejoin!) and the enjoyment and love from your daughter shines through here xx

    1. I really like post40bloggers. I didn't now about it before (or maybe I did once but I forgot as I seemed to be already followinf them on twitter). Thanks for your kind words. xx

  2. Ahh love the note, I have a book with each of my girls and we write notes/ letters to each other back and forwards and leave them under each others pillows, it is really great. How great that your friend took DD out, so cool and sadly the extra activity is not actually anyone interested in joining in or commenting! Mich x

    1. Yes, when I read the two new posts I saw that they were two random posts by the same blogger. Oh well. we're a nice little team as we are. Love the notes under the pillow idea. xx

  3. What a lovely post - that's really put a smile on my face!! And that note is ADORABLE. xx