Friday, March 10, 2017

Carnivale! - Reasons 2B Cheerful

It's Purim this weekend. Basically it's the Jewish Carnivale, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, etc... Of course we have a religious story to go with it along the lines of: they tried to kill us, we won, let's eat. We have a miracle that we attach to it and traditional food, songs and blessings. Seriously though, it's all about celebrating the spring equinox as it is all over the world and with every religion. (Trust me on this, I've done research.)

The actual day of Purim is Sunday (or Monday in Jerusalem and other walled cities - I forget why.) But today the schools went wild. I was at DD's school this morning. Everyone came dressed up. Even DD agreed to wear a costume of sorts this year (More about that later.)

Vending machines meet Buzz Lightyear

See the princesses in the background?

The most brilliant costume imo
Marge and Homer Simpson

The Principal and the drama teacher

More teachers
Even the adults dressed up
The children exchanged Mishloah Manot - food parcels of nosh that they made and decorated. There was a fair with the children manning the stalls and each class rotating to different venues. There was candyfloss and popcorn and the grand finale was five big bouncy castles on the basketball court.

Then my batteries died and I came home to write this blog.

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  1. Wow, this looks amazing and I can't believe those costumes, you'd almost think it was American Halloween, they look so good. Who'd even think to dress up as a vending machine? lol Mich x

    1. I know, some of the costumes were inspired - by what I don't know. We had a box of Pringles, a can of Coke, a wind-up doll, and Donald Trump in DD's class.

  2. I've noticed the food theme before! Love the inventive costumes, the day looks like so much fun xx

    1. Yes food is a always a theme - it can be a problem. It was a very fun day though.

  3. Love the costumes - hope you and DD had fun! Wish it was more Spring-like here - it has been BITTERLY cold for the past few days with howling winds and now we are under a winter storm watch - lots of snow headed our way - it's going to be a very Winter March break for all the school kids this week - parents may be going a bit crazy by the end of the week if the storms keep the kids indoors!

    1. Friday was lovely and springlike. Saturday was colder and yesterday and today the sky is thick with sand and it's very windy. I proper sand storm - horrible! Still, we are thankful that it was lovely weather on Friday.