Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sofa So Good - R2BC

Here are my Reasons 2B Cheerful for this week. I'm in with the linky over at Becky's Lakes Single Mum as usual.

The New Sofas
The New Sofas arrived. I'm very happy with them. In an ideal world I'd like to get a lighter carpet to go with them, and more sophisticated cushions, and a white sideboard, and possibly a new coffee table. But for now the room is starting to look tidier and more put together.

I so need to be a work at home mum. I didn't go to school today as the new sofas were being delivered (apparently they only deliver to Jerusalem on Thursday mornings). As it happens, I only missed one lesson because of class trips and other events, so it wasn't too bad of me.

The day at home was amazing. I did two loads of laundry and finished my freelance writing work completely. Then the sofas came. Then I went to the income tax office to get my tax position forms for each of the four companies I work for. Then I went into college to give in their tax position form and fax the other three to the relevant people. While I was there I also printed out and graded the final exam to come in from one of my courses. Then I came home and paid all my utility bills by phone. I did some online grading whilst babysitting for my neighbour's two-month old baby so that she could pop out and collect her other child from nursery. I made DD a healthy salad for supper and played Rumikub with DD after supper and now I'm getting my R2BC written on Thursday (just) which is the day it's supposed to appear.

Usually on Thursday evening all I can do is throw some pasta and cheese together and go to bed before The News.

Second Second Hand Sale
Tonight we got a Whatsapp from DD's youth movement leader about a second hand sale they are having. It's to raise money for the 17 year olds to go on The March Of The Living in Poland. It's an important trip and it's not cheap so they want to help those who need financial assistance. I'm happy to help but we just had the Yedidya Bazaar and a sale at DD's school, and I gave a whole lot of stuff to our neighbour's daughter. I didn't have much left to give away. Nevertheless, I went round the house and found....
6 plastic cups
4 CDs
2 DVDs
2 wine glasses
1 candle holder
1 mug with a matching tea-strainer and lid.

I also threw away an empty CD box, I gave the little girl downstairs another dress, and there was something else because I counted 19 things to add to my running total of 360 clutters decluttered, now 379. Oh yes, a new scrubby thing for the shower that came as part of a gift. (I kept the liquid soap that was the other part of the gift.)

The Weather
The weather turned cooler again and we had some torrential rain but that's okay because we still need rain. On Saturday it's supposed to be thunder and lightning. I'm looking forward to it as we're going out for dinner on Friday Night and not putting a foot out of the door on Saturday. I love severe weather when you don't have to go out in it. I shall snuggle down in my bed and think of my friends with dogs to take out. Hee hee hee.

Have a wonderful weekend y'all.


  1. Ooh, those are very pretty couches! They look stylish yet cozy. I like how the legs sort of match the coffee table legs.

    1. Thank you. Haha, that's the only thing saving the coffee table atm.

  2. The sofas look great - love them! And your cushions and rug look wonderful with them. You must be pleased that they came so quickly!
    Everyone that I know who is retired says that they don't know where they found the time to work as they are so busy now! I haven't found that to be entirely true - still feeling a wee bit in limbo however, I do appreciate the fact that I can do laundry and go grocery shopping during the week when things are a lot more quiet than on the weekend.
    Still more things to donate - WOW - your place must feel so clean and fresh!
    I'm still getting over this terrible flu so things have been very quiet this past week - I've managed to do a few things but I tire very easily so not pushing it too much until I'm fully recovered. Just enjoying watching the Olympics! It is a very grey day here at the moment and feels very cold as the wind has picked up so I think I will just have a day indoors.

    1. Don't push yourself. It can take weeks for the real flu virus to really leave your body. Our place is beginning to look clearer but I still have a way to go - surprisingly. I'm not sure what needs to go next though. And to be retired is my dream. Some of my friends are retiring already. Lots of love and have a good weekend. xxx

  3. The sofas are gorgeous and I think the cushions look perfect on them too. Your Thursday sounds like my everyday - but without Thursdays like that, how do you get that stuff done? Have a great night tonight and enjoy your day in tomorrow xx

  4. Thank you about the sofas. About not having a day to do errands and catch up with housework - most of it gets neglected. I'm considering going down to three days in school next year instead of four.

  5. Those sofas are gorgeous! I love my working at home days its why I refuse to work in my paid jobs for more than 4 days a week... Well done on decluttering and fund raising.

    1. I'm going to go down to 4 days again next year. Thanks on all the other comments.