Saturday, May 5, 2018

Meghan Markle: Sabotage By Wardrobe

I don't know who is trying to sabotage Meghan Markle and set her up for failure but whoever, or whatever, they are doing a good job of manipulatively destroying her personality outfit by outfit. I saw Germaine Greer on the TV programme This Morning and immediately knew what she was talking about. I have been thinking the same for weeks.

You only have to Google Meghan Markle Images to see the difference between how she dressed before the engagement, when she presumably chose her own clothes, and how she is being dressed now.

Every outfit since the engagement has been dowdy. Heavy material in boring neutral colours. Too much material making her look like an old dowager rather than a young blushing bride. Most outfits are ankle length at the bottom and over the collar bone at the top. She is swamped in an effort, it seems, to erase any suggestion of a nice figure - or any figure. I am absolutely certain that Meghan would never have chosen these outfits for herself.

In contrast, Kate is dressed in light outfits showing off her youth and great figure. Bright colours, wonderful designs to just above the knees so we can see her shapely legs, and soft playful designs that many women of all ages would be happy to emulate.

I didn't just take Germaine Greer's word for it, I went to Google Images to see the full range. Look at Meghan Markle Images and then look at Meghan and Harry Images. Do you see it? It's as if Elizabeth Hurley morphed into the Queen Mother. I was more than shocked. This has to be a deliberate and manipulative ploy.

There is no reason why Meghan Markle shouldn't be a shining model of British fashion. She has the looks, the polish and the figure. Money is no object. Any designer would give their right arm to have the opportunity to dress Meghan to show off their clothes. She would do them proud, if only she were allowed. It's not like she's unaware of fashion - just look at the way she dressed before.

Someone is controlling Meghan Markle's wardrobe in a way that does her a major disservice. Someone is deliberately making her look the worst she can look without being blatant about it. They choose expensive couture so you can't say they're treating her like Cinderella in rags. No, they are waging a far more devastating and subtle campaign to crush Meghan Markle outfit by outfit.

I have no concrete motive. Maybe it's a test of her staying power. Maybe it's we the public who are being manipulated so that we shouldn't love her until we are permitted to do so. Or maybe they are really out to destroy her for her.... what? Her background? Her ethnicity? Her divorced status? Her Chutspah? Who knows. But something is going on here and I believe that the truth will out eventually.


  1. I honestly hadn't noticed this - I think she always looks wonderful. As I understand it - the person who acts as her advisor is a friend from NA who is well thought of in the fashion world.
    I think what we have to remember is that she is now living a very different life - being a young actress, living in a large city, single and going to parties is a very different world from attending charity events, solemn memorials or church services as a representative of the Royal family. It may very well be that she is very self aware that some people will be waiting to pounce the one time she wears something deemed inappropriate (and usually by the media - no one else).
    Whenever I've seen her attending events with Kate they seem to try to coordinate their outfits and both have looked lovely. Unfortunately given who she is marrying, a certain look is required for public appearances and outfits that she may have worn in the past just wouldn't do now. She is no doubt finding her feet and may feel more relaxed once the wedding is over with.
    As for a conspiracy - and something to do with her race? Sorry, simply don't believe it. :-)

    1. I don't think race is as much of a problem as it being her third marriage. You may be right that she is self-restricting her wardrobe while she develops a new style. I was more comparing her outfits with the lovely clothes and colours that Kate wears than with what she wore before. Personally, I'm not impressed with her royal styling.