Friday, May 25, 2018

R2BC - Summer Choices

Culture is cool peeps. 
This week's Reasons 2B Cheerful are back with Becky as Michelle is away. You can find the linky at Lakes Single Mum.

Hans Christian Anderson
We went to see the musical last night. One of my 5th Grade girls is in it so we've been looking forward to it for a long time. Being Jerusalem, I knew four of the cast and another four of the crew. We only knew three other families in the audience this time - it must have been a slow night.

We danced home afterwards, singing The King is in the Altogther and Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen. We picked up pizza from the new favourite pizza shop that just opened near us. DD went to bed at 11.30 and neither of us got up for Stupid Friday at school this morning. (Friday school finishes at 11.45. I should say here that I don't teach on Fridays.)

English Summer Camp
The summer holiday is long here in Israel - 9 weeks for 1st to 6th Grade and 10.5 weeks for High School. 1st to 3rd Grade get a free summer school for the first 3 weeks of  July so thus far we've only had to deal with 6 weeks at home.

There  are all sorts of camps and programmes for 1, 2, or 3 week periods. There are sports camps, art camps, cooking courses, sewing, science and computer camps, drama, music, and just plain all round fun. Some children are booked solid from July 1st till the end of August.

As we have August pretty much covered with visitors and short trips, I told DD she could choose one Summer Camp in July - I didn't mind how long it was. Some of the camps are very pricey and can cost hundreds, even thousands of shekels. But I only have one child so I was happy for her to pick whatever she wanted. She didn't pick anything. She wanted to do a self-defense course, which I am in favour of, but the courses for her age group are all in August overlapping with dates that we'll be away.

Then she came home from school and said that all her friends are going to the English Day Camp at school. I asked about it last year and I was told that it wasn't suitable for children who already know English. This year they changed their minds and decided that it is suitable for English speakers. It's 3 weeks, Sunday - Thursday, 8am till 1pm, total cost 600 shekels. Woohoo! Sorted. And as it's just down the road from  us at school, DD can go and come home by herself. She can even let herself in if I'm held up at my college where I'll be teaching a Summer Course.

Five Weeks Left
Only five weeks to go until the summer holidays start on July 1st. I'm counting the days. OK, I still have loads of work to do, reports to write, my summer course to prepare, and run it during July, ... But you know, always good to have something to look forward to. And I actually like the pressure of finishing everything off in a set amount of time. The Panic Monster and I are old friends.

Healthy Choices
With the undeniably summer weather that's upon us, DD and I agreed that instead of the weekly allowance of sweets and chocolate for her on Shabbat, we are buying a whole watermelon instead. To be eaten in place of snacks thoughout the week. The watermelon actually costs more than the sweets and chocolate but it also lasts longer so, "Yeah Us!"


  1. Glad it was a better week and that you're making plans for the summer. The musical sounds great and DD looks very cool too! xx

    1. It wasn't Danny Kaye but it was fun. I'm so excited about the summer being around the corner, don't know how I'm going to make it through the next five weeks.

  2. Oh my you've reminded me of my Jerusalem/watermelon incident!
    Youth trip 1971, I bought a very large whole watermelon and got on a bus that obviously had no suspension. Heaved the beast up onto the netted luggage shelf, then my friends and I sat along the back row. Driver took a turn sharply melon jumped off the shelf and exploded in the aisle treating many passengers to a refreshing snack if they fancied picking bits off themselves. My friends and I stepped over it all as we hurried off at the very next stop!

    1. Oy vey! is all I can say to that. I can see it happening. I can't believe you put a heavy watermelon in the overhead racks. LOL (although I wouldn't be LOLinf if I were one of the other passengers.)

    2. R2BC that you were not on that bus eh? I was obviously young and stupid but it has made me LOL ever since :o)

    3. Hahaha. Weren't we all young and stupid once (or possibly even more than once)?

  3. Glad you have got the holidays sorted! I find 6 weeks is too long let alone 9...

    1. We're down to 4 weeks without plans but they're split into 1.5 and 2.5 weeks so I'm not worried this year.