Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Minimalist Game Days 30 & 31

This is the end of The Minimalist game. There are never more than 31 days in a month so we're done. The Minimalst Game total is 412 items removed from the house. And the renamed 1000 Clutters Challenge has reached 881. I will go on to find those remaining 119 clutters and I've decided that they will be cds and dvds which I'll find some way to store digitally.

Day 30
3 cables with obsolete connectors, 1 bag of old telephone wires, 1 door knob, 1 telephone wall socket, 2 telephone double sockets, 2 books that I like the idea of but I know I'll never read, 3 more kitchen utensils, 1 broken head-torch, 2 tubes of cleansing lotion, 1 pile of rubbish from the key dish, 3 toy d.i.y. tools, some 15 amp fuse wire from when I rented a flat with a 1950s fuse box, and 9 items of clothing from my wardrobe.

After taking the photo I decided to keep the telephone wall socket as I might be changing the position of the phone in the salon. Thus, day 31 actually has 32 items to compensate for the wall socket. 

Day 31
The Eagle of the Ninth - I read it in school, I read it again recently, and I blogged about it. It is extremely unlikely that I will ever want to read it again.

2 other pamphlets from exhibitions, 4 books of plays from the days when we had play readings, and 5 60p mini-books from Penguin Books' 60th birthday.

4 old and dried up thingies that you hang in your wardrobe to deter moths, 2 more items of clothing, and 14 hangers.

So am I now a minimalist? I don't feel like a minimalist. However, I do feel that I'm not hoarding a load of things I don't need. I've kept some ornaments and sentimental things. DD's room is not included as, though I try to keep the clutter at bay, she's not interested in getting rid of much. 

I have loads more space in my cupboards. In fact, almost every piece of furniture has an empty shelf or drawer - sometimes more than one. What's needed now is a thorough tidy with the aim of consolidating stuff to free up one whole piece of superfluous furniture. I already know which pieces I'd like to get rid of. And of course there is still that dream of a capsule wardrobe.... Maybe this summer.


  1. I too am working towards that "Capsule Wardrobe" and more of a uniform look. What would your dream wardrobe look like if you could start from scratch?

    1. For a start I'd be strict about the colours. The trouble is that you have to choose between navy and black as a basic and I like both red/black and blue/green. I would never wear red with blue and I would never wear red with green but I would wear blue and green (which traditionally should never be seen). But I still love wearing red and black. It's a conundrum.

    2. Why not two basics - the black and the navy (perhaps just a few less pieces of each) and then your accent pieces. Green goes with both black and navy & Red goes with both as well - it's really just the red & green that wouldn't go together...

    3. I went on a colour palette app and and made a palette of eight colours but they're on my phone and nowhere near my wardrobe as yet. LOL. Meanwhile I'm still weeding out things I'll definitely not wear so when I do get to the capsule wardrobe it won't be such a big task. I should go back over my decluttering posts ans see how many items of clothing I've got rid of since October. It must be around 100 I reckon.

  2. It always amazes me how much junk we manage to amass in our house. I need to do this! :D

    1. Moving house is a great incentive to declutter. Jut don't take it all with you.