Friday, May 11, 2012

#ArtIHeart 9: Photos As Art

Art I Heart
Share the art you love from your walls, a birthday card, what your child drew at school, that you saw in The National Gallery in London...

1. Choose one piece of art that has a short personal story behind it. It could be something on your wall, something you've seen in a gallery and love, homedrawn, on a postcard, on a birthday card, something by Degas or something by your DS.

2. Take a photograph, scan or download a picture of your picture and post it along with the short story about why you are drawn to it, have it on your wall, bought it, or hate it. Don't forget to link back to the linky so your readers can see the other entries.

3. Link up (it's open till next Thursday, 4pm GMT), leave a comment, et voila!

Here's mine:

The frame is something I wouldn't buy in a million years. I wouldn't even consider it. However, it was bought for us as part of a baby gift when DD was born. To me it is the height of kitch and I don't do kitch. Except sometimes I do. And this one has grown on me to the extent that I really love it now. It's part of my wall of family photos (mainly DD and her cousins at various ages) above the spare bed in the spudy.

It's a work in progress. Nothing is planned or aligned. When I have a new photo in a frame I find a space and up it goes. One day I hope to cover the whole wall (or another whole wall). There are three photos of DD as a baby in my chosen frame.

My favourite is the bottom one with DD asleep on my arm. I've almost forgotten that she was as tiny as that and what she felt like at that age. But I look up from my desk as I'm writing this and there she is. I swear I will never turn my nose up a kitch again.


  1. Well this kitsch is very very cute! :)

  2. Thank you kindly. I think kitch can cross over into cute in the same way that cute can cross the lineinto kitch. It's a fine line.

  3. Those photos are just so beautiful!