Saturday, March 7, 2015

All This From One Room! A Bit Of Decluttering Magic

I've been waiting and waiting to do a massive Marie Kondo clearout. I was waiting for The Yedidya Bazaar people to open the storage room so that I could start taking things over there. The time is here folks!

YOU CAN DONATE YOUR UNWANTED, GOOD CONDITION ITEMS TO THE YEDIDYA BAZAAR FROM TOMORROW MORNING. (Take them down the slope at the left of the building during office hours.)

I am not a hoarder so I didn't expect to amass that much to pass on. However, I have been putting things aside all year and already had a top cupboard of one wardrobe full of things to go. Reader I was shocked. Apart from three carrier bags of books from my bedroom that I cleared out a couple of weeks ago, all this is from DD's bedroom (where the top of wardrobe store cupboard was also situated).

This is my spare bed tonight (it's a small double bed).

Not everything is for the bazaar.
The big blue bag bottom left is rubbish to throw out.
There are two carrier bags full of old socks and knickers from age 2 1/2 till 5, also to throw out. You know how you keep stuffing a new packet of underwear into the drawer and never taking out the old ones? That.
Another bag of old clothes that are not in good enough condition for the bazaar.
There are three bags of things to pass on directly to friends with younger children.
There are a couple of bags to be returned to the person who gave them to us on long term loan for as long as they were useful.
One bag of arts and crafts type things to go to a friend who is a kindergarten teacher.
For the bazaar there are:
the three bags of books from my bedroom.
Books that DD has grown out of.
Clothes that DD has grown out of.
Toys that DD has grown out of.

The same from a slightly different angle.
I'm still amazed that all this came out of one room,
a room that I considered to be quite organized and tidy.
I really am not a hoarder but I think age 6 is a milestone in many ways. Toys that we kept just in case she wanted to play with them can be cleared out. DD is old enough to decide what she no longer wants and mature enough to let go of it. We've already got a stock of new box games from Chanuka and her birthday which she enjoys more than the Fisher Price farm and various baby dolls. We both know that she has never been a doll person and will probably never be one so the dolls can go. Jigsaw puzzles with less than 100 pieces are really silly for us to keep, whereas last year they were still useful.

We have thrown out the dolls' buggy and high-chair - yeah! Two less items littering the floor. They were second hand and served us well but, unfortunately no longer in good enough condition to go to the bazaar.

I decluttered DD's room only 18 months ago enough to realize that the extra furniture for storage I wanted to buy was no longer necessary. This time round I find we have too much storage! Yes you heard correctly, empty spaces with nothing in them! Unfortunately you cannot sell or give away the cupboard over the wardrobe or one enormous drawer under the bed as they are built-in parts of furniture that you need to keep.

Tomorrow I start on the kitchen.... :~)


  1. I bet that feels GREAT! I need to get started on my wardrobe...

    1. It does feel great and it feels even greater as the bags on the bed slowly begin to disappear to their various destinies.

  2. I am so jealous.
    Fancy a trip to Ireland to give decluttering tips to a procrastinating hoarder?!! Maybe bring Marie Kondo with you too! xx

    1. I'd love to come to Ireland. I've never been but it's on my bucket list. If I get there I'll come over and help you declutter. ;)

  3. Wow - so therapeutic. I agree with you about age six being a milestone age. I think, by then, we're glad to see the back of their old stuff so no longer hang on to it for sentimental reasons! Glad so much good is coming from your clear out x

    1. Thanks, it gave me a kick to see people choosing our old toys and clothes.