Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits #29 - The Family Planning Edition

DD: Shall I tell you who I'm going to marry?
Me: Who?
DD: Teddy.
Me: Oh good. Can I come and live with you if you marry Teddy.
DD: No we're going to live here with you. Teddy's already in my bed with me.
Me: Well in that case you should definitely marry him.

DD: If I have a boy baby I'm going to pass him on to someone else.
Me: Good plan.
DD: Yes, because what do we want more people in this family for?
Me: So what happens if you have a girl baby? Can we keep a girl baby?
DD: No! I don't want anyone else in this family. I'm fine with it like this.

DD: Who's older, my Grandma or my Grandpa?
Me: Grandpa's older.
DD: Really, he's older than Grandma? Oh.
Me: Did you think Grandma was older?
DD: Yes because she tells him what to do all the time and gives him his food.

DD: Please will you buy me chewing gum. You never let me have chewing gum. When will I be allowed to have chewing gum?
Me: When you're 21.
DD: And then I can buy my own when I'm 21?
Me: Yes.
DD: OK. I can't wait till I'm 21.


  1. Oh I just knew this was gonna be a goodie from the title alone!!
    All I can say is that long may she think like this. You should show this to her when she's 16!!

    1. I was thinking of a slideshow of some sort at her Bat Mitzva when she's 12.

  2. Love the Bat Mitzvah idea. Embarrassing our children is in the parent job description lol.

    1. I don't know why I missed replying to this comment. I'm a very conscientious parent in that way.