Thursday, June 23, 2016

Reasons 2B Cheerful - Midsummer Madness

IKEA is coming to Jerusalem. The Jerusalem branch will be open within two years according to the news report. Apparently they already have a site but they're not saying where it is because people like me might start queuing now to be the first one in.

This takes a whole lot of pressure off me. All my old sheets and towels, my mattress, other items big and small that I want to buy or replace, can definitely wait two more years.

And here are two stories I heard today which put everything in perspective....

A friend recently returned to live in America after 15 years in the Middle East. Her children are aged 7 to 14. One day whilst driving though lush and verdant countryside on the north-east coast, the kids started complaining. "I'm so fed up with all this green!" "Yeah, its all just green and more green!" etc...

I spend my life yearning for green but good to know that it's only a cultural thing and not an absolute.

Another American friend lives in Chicago. Someone asked her if her family are all in Chicago. "No," she replied. "but they're all close, only about 6 hours away."

LOL, my family are also 6 hours away from me in Jerusalem. I never realized London was so close. It sure feels good to be living so close to my folks again after all these years. :~)

Linking up with my friend and neighbour, Becky in the Lake District.


  1. Hey neighbour! Thanks for joining in again
    Ooh my nearest IKEA 2 hours away ;-)
    You are right it's all a matter of perspective :-)

    1. That's funny because my nearest IKEA is only 40 minutes away but we live in a small country so it feels like travelling from London to Birmingham to go there.

  2. Ohh an IKEA, how exciting for you. I've not been to one for about 25 years, I just order online as I cannot face the chaos! lol Mich x

    1. Oh Mich, you don't know what you're missing. That section at the end of cheap shmonskies (disparate items) means you spend more there than you did on your Hemnes bedroom set.

  3. As you know I was prepared to hate IKEA, but now I buy everything possible there (and eat lunch there too whenever I can!) hope it gets to Jerusalem as soon as possible.

    Love your perspectives - really thought-provoking xx

    1. Hahahaha you can't fight Ikea. it pulls you into its dream of cool clean Swedish living.