Thursday, June 2, 2016

Reasons 2B Cheerful - Jerusalem Day

DD on the right with the orange T-shirt

DD had her outing for Jerusalem Day which is traditionally a tour of part of Jerusalem and a different part each year. This year they ended up in Park Teddy for a splashing good time. 

College teaching finished for the summer. School (for me) finishes next Wednesday. There's still loads of work to do for college - admin, grading online courses, setting up the summer online course, meeting individually with students for their final grade. But it's all flexi-time work that I can do at my convenience. 

We are going to to stay with friends on their kibbutz for the long holiday weekend of Shavuot (Pentecost) next week. 

The splash fountains in Park Teddy, Jerusalem

I'm linking up with R2BC over at Lakes single Mum. Welcome back to hosting Becky!


  1. Enjoy the reduced workload! Time on the kibbutz sounds great and I am jealous of those fountains..

    1. We need to be in those fountains today - it's 35 degrees outside.

  2. Ohh those splash fountains look good, just what DD needed in all that heat I suspect. Have a wonderful weekend, Mich x

  3. All that water looks wonderful and so inviting, are grown up allowed to enjoy it too?

    Yay for reduced work hours, hope you enjoy the summer with your beautiful daughter xx

    1. Yes grown ups too but it's a little bit more tricky for them to dry off afterwards.