Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Doggy People Who Don't Get It

These are goats not dogs. I like goats. 
I'm often told that you have to be dog person or an animal person to understand.... whatever it is under discussion about dogs and other pets. I agree and I get it that some people love dogs in a way that I have no concept of. What I don't get is how some animal people have zero sensitivity to those who don't love animals or, and this is particularly offensive it seems, are scared of them in certain situations.

It all started when I left my apartment for a meeting at college and got as far as the second floor (I live on the third). There was an unaccompanied  golden labrador on the second floor landing. I quickly retreated back to my apartment and went into action. I have no problem with dogs in the street or those bounding round the park. I have no problem with dogs with their owners. But I'm scared of an unknown dog barring my way on the stairs in case they feel trapped and/or are angry or upset.

First I called the Police who told me to call the Municipality. The Municipality said they'd take 4 hours to get there. I tried a couple of neighbours but no one was in. So I turned to my trusty friend Facebook.

As a friend PMed me - Blimey, some people are mental.

A big thank you to those who offered to help and gave virtual support and there were many who did. Someone posted the number of the JSPCA (our RSPCA) and the lady there was going to send someone to get the dog. Then my 80yo neighbour left her apartment to go out. With no fear at all she walked right past the dog and out onto the street. The dog followed her out.

Meanwhile another neighbour saw the fb post and sent her husband round to rescue me. The dog had gone but he walked me out of the building just in case. I called the JSPCA lady back and she was quite upset that we'd let the dog go. And did I know where it was now? Seriously?

This all happened four hours ago and the thread on fb is still going strong. 80 comments, loads of replies to comments and over 20 reactions (likes, etc) so far. The original post was shared for others to have a good laugh over - I'm happy to provide entertainment. In fact I'm laughing even as my Klout score hits the roof but as I said before - Blimey, some people are mental. Here are a few of my favourite replies which are outstanding in their unnecessariness,

Help! I'm trapped in my house! There is a golden labrador with a collar sitting on the stairwell and I'm scared to leave the house. He doesn't belong to anyone in our building. He's not barking just sitting there. I called the Police and they said call the Iriya. The Iriya said it could take them 4 hours to send someone! If any doggy person is near Kibbutz Galuyot street, Baka and can help me leave the house please pm me.

First Prize: This is ridiculous and hysterical, I can't believe it! It's like being afraid of a mouse.
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Rachel Selby Is there anything you're scared of? I hope not because others aren't scared of that thing so that makes you ridiculous.
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I don't think I would call emergency numbers and cry for help because of a completely irrational fear.
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Yael Stekel Gabbai Sorry but most phobias are irrational it doesn't mean we have to belittle them
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I know that, and I don't want to offend anyone. But this reaction is completely exaggerated. Sometimes it helps against phobias when other people put things into proportion.
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Ilana Trachtenberg it's exactly like being afraid of a mouse - haven't you ever seen someone who's terrified of mice?
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Rachel Selby Eliana,There was no hysteria or crying just frustration that I had a meeting to get to and I felt trapped. I called anyone who might be able to help. It's called being pragmatic. Nothing like hysteria. Two replies with the numbers of JSPCA and from my neighbour who came round would have sufficed. All the perceived hysteria was whipped up by you and others getting all hot under the collar about it. Relax, it's all over.

Second Prize: Rachel Selby Thanks everyone. My 80yo neighbour went out and the dog followed her into the street (it's not her dog). Then Michael Simons came to rescue me but the dog was gone. The Lady from the JSPCA was upset that we let it get away. David Ilan needs to get a hobby. People who said it was ridiculous to be scared of a dog are obviously not scared of anything themselves so have no idea what it feels like. And I am safely at work (although not actually working yet obviously). Big thank you to all who offered help and virtual support.

Your 80 year old neighbor must be very brave 😉
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Rachel Selby She is, she survived the Nazis, she fought in in the War of Independence, she brought up her kids during the years of austerity. I am not a fraction of her character.
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don't underrate yourself. And I like my hobby of posting cute pics of puppies just fine 😉
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dont be an ass david
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Third Prize: Glad that the problem has resolved itself. Hopefully the dog hasn't got run over
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Rachel Selby Hopefully. I don't keep animals in captivity so I have no idea what its chances are.
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Fourth Prize: I think this was the experience that you needed...maybe now you can get some help with your fears. Good luck
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Rachel Selby I'm not scared of dogs outside or with their owners. But a strange dog scrabbling at my door - I'm not going to find out if it's safe or not.
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I understand this. But know that most dogs can smell fear...if you act scared..they know. You should still seek help in your ability to remain calm in simular situations.
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Fifth Prize: you're not stuck in your apartment. you're choosing to stay in your apartment. its a golden, not a T-rex.
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Rachel Selby If you are scared of something you are stuck. It's a figure of speech. Obviously if the house was on fire I'd have run out and never mind the dog. Don't worry about it, it takes some sensitivity to understand.
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 I'm fresh out of that, but have you heard of therapy dogs? they are sensitive.
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Don't forget rescue dogs!!!
Last known surviving 9/11 search and rescue dog laid to rest

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Rachel Selby I'm not oblivious of sensitive dogs. It's insensitive people I don't understand.
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  1. Yesterday I spent 10 minutes cowering in my neighbours garden whilst walking my dog because of a big brown dog that was in the street and made me feel threatened. It was late at night - was not sure who to call - I get it. It is illegal to let your dog wonder around... you definitely should call police or 106 when it happens

    1. Yes but they couldn't help me for 4 hours! If I'd been in real danger I'd have been mauled to death by then.

  2. The name of our organization is JSPCA - Jerusalem Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. I would appreciate if you changed your post to reflect that.

    1. I've changed it. Sorry about that. And thanks for offering to help when I needed it.

  3. I'm not frightened or nervous of any dog I've been introduced to but a chance encounter like that I'm sure I'd have made exactly the same actions as you did. Remember really scared people can magically become brave and critical on facebook!

    1. LOL, you're right. I ignored them mostly - it's not my first visit to facebook.

  4. While I probably wouldn't have been afraid, because I'm totally a dog person, I get it. To you, it's a large animal with teeth blocking your path.

    I admit, though, that if I were your neighbor, I might tease you while rescuing you.

    My current dog and I don't know each other well enough yet, but my previous dog was the phobia-ender for at least half a dozen people (probably closer to a dozen) in the 17 years he was under my care.

    1. He didn't tease me but I would have taken it happily if he had. I don't mind being teased. I do mind if someone lets their dog terrorize the neighbourhood.

  5. I can appreciate your fear. A hilarious post nonetheless. I may have called the emergency services for a mouse, I must admit!!
    It is hard for people to understand others fears but they should not mock or judge them. It is also difficult for pet owners , of dogs in particular, to not even consider that others may not like/be afraid of their dogs. That's why I have a thing about dogs not on their leads. I don't mind them but others may.

    1. You have no idea - the thread on fb reached 105 comments and about another 100 replies to comments, and 50 reactions. It was still going two days later. One friend asked if people realized that I'd got out or if they thought I was still there.