Friday, September 1, 2017

Fourth Grade!

Hello 4th Grade!
September 1st is the day all the schools go back in Israel. My facebook feed will soon be full of first day of school pictures. At DD's school this morning there was a lot of kissing and hugging and wishing each other a good year - the parents and the children.

DD still thinks it's the law that you have to have your photo taken on the first day of school. "But why Mummy?" I could actually think of a few reasons why it's a good idea but I didn't voice them.

I met DD's new teacher - she's young and beautiful and speaks fluent English. DD will love her. This is great as she's loved all her teachers so far, since the first nursery teacher at 19 months old. And so have I.

There is a new girl from South Africa in DD's class and I told DD to look out for her. I met the mother outside and she said DD was lovely, she had the girl sitting next to her and told her that everything will be fine. (I'm waiting to see how fine it's going to be when DD's best friend comes back from holiday next Wednesday :~P. But they are all great kids so I'm sure they'll work it out.)

Now is it just me, or does the weather feel cooler today? I swear it happens every year. August 31st is unbearably hot and September 1st is cool. I think this may be just me.

Just for fun - this was the first day of 1st Grade
We did a lot of some English and maths over the holiday but no Hebrew. I'm praying that DD will be able to keep up with all the reading. One of the reasons she is in the afternoon programme is because the teacher there helps them with their homework. Third Grade Hebrew was just about my level. Now I'm out of my depth.

It's 8.30 am and I've now got to do all the things on my own schedule that I promised I'd stick to from September 1st. I didn't write blogging for this slot but flexibility is also a virtue, no? I start at my school on Sunday so I'd better get going.

Wishing all those going back to school this week, and their parents, a happy, healthy and successful school year. xxx

(A friend just called - she's meeting another friend for coffee and would I like to join them? Well yeah! Sorry my new schedule - laters.)


  1. All sounding so organised right up until that last line... good luck for the new school year to you both.

    1. LOL, that's me, great at planning and less great at following through.

  2. September really feels like the New Year to me - we are getting ready for the kids going back to school on Tuesday. The weather has cooled down considerably this past week (I'm even looking out a sweater to wear when I head out to dinner tonight)!
    I've really noticed all the kids with their new haircuts on the subway and the shops have been packed with all the Fall shopping that is happening.
    I am hoping to get myself back into more of a routine starting next week and will also be working on my resume in anticipation of going back to work part-time.
    DD looks lovely - and my mom told us first day photos was the law as well! :-)

    1. There is definitely a certain excitement about September and the promise of new year. Good luck with your job hunting. xx