Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday Tidbits #47 - Didn't I Not?

DD: How do you spell moven?
Me: Moven?
DD: Yes, my friend has moven to another table.

DD: My new class teacher keeps telling us we are all one family, and she even has a  big sign up saying, 'Welcome to the class 4"1 Family'.
Me: That's nice.
DD: No it isn't. It's creepy. Every time she says it I think of a wicked witch saying it in a screechy voice. It's like she's trying to make us believe we're something that we're not. Creeeepeeeee.

We've been watching some reality tv on You Tube with Gail Vaz Oxlade helping people get out of debt (Till Debt Us Do Part and Money Morons). DD got hooked on it. So we were out shopping for school supplies last week...

Me: Ooh look, bed linens on sale. I just want to see the sheets.
DD: Remember, we're only buying needs, not wants.

Sometimes the lack of an English environment shows in DD's language. She's developed her own tag question convention that makes her sound like a character from Jane Austen.

I drew that unicorn quite well, didn't I not?
I'll soon be able able to cook my own supper, won't I not?
When I'm 9 I'll be walking to school on my own, will I not?
I can stay here while you pop down to the shop, can I not?

DD slept over at my friend's house last night. She woke up at 2 am crying and she said she wanted to go home. My friend's ever practical 6yo son turned to his mother and suggested, "you can call a taxi for her."


  1. Very cute! :-)
    I love Gale! She lives just outside of Toronto so all those shows were filmed all around here. She used to have a great blog that I read every morning but she is taking a bit of a break at the moment - although she seems to be on the radio occasionally and does workshops.
    She also had a show called "Princess" about totally clueless women (and some men) who all thought that they were entitled to live a "Khardasian" lifestyle - because they "deserved it" while sponging off parents, grandparents & friends. Some really did learn a lesson but there were others that she simply despaired of!

    1. We only saw one show where she was 'sacked' by the couple - well the freeloading partner 'sacked' her when he realized that he had to get a proper job and his partner went along with it because he was too scared to losing him. It was sad really because the one with the money was being totally used. We also love Gail.