Thursday, September 21, 2017

Rosh Hashana So Far So Good - R2BC

Today is the first day of Rosh Hashana which started at sundown last night. DD and I continued with our new (from one year ago) tradition of doing tashlich with soap bubbles. We sat on the balcony and blew away our sins and bad habits from last year and we promised to try harder for better habits this year.

DD: I'm going to try to not lose my temper and scream at you. (Me: thank you.)
Me: I'm going to try to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. (I got up this morning at 10 but it's a process.)
DD: I'm going to do important things like homework and shower, before television.
Me: I'm going to do the dishes in the sink and prep my lessons for the next day, in the evening and before social media time. (I did the dishes last night.)

And so we went on....

I tried to capture the bubble blowing on camera but Rubbish Photographer struck again. Then we did some selfies which were equally rubbish but I posted a few on the right sidebar because DD is almost nine, not four as she was in the previous thumbnail.

We ate some of the Rosh Hashana menu with symbols - salmon for a year of being sameah (happy); peas and sweet potato (afuna  and batata for akuna matata) to have no worries, fruit salad for dessert for a sweet year, and we drank our apple juice spritzers through the last two straws (the shop didn't have any at 1.30pm and no time to go to another shop) for a suck-cessful year. I wanted to make a salad out of a whole head of lettuce for the head of the year but the shop had also run out of lettuce.

We played Taki, Set and Kalooki until far too late. We have established another tradition that Friday night is games night. (I know it wasn't Friday yesterday but Festival evenings are similar to Friday nights.)

We got up late this morning - I felt bad about not going to synagogue as it's a small community which only exists because enough people do make the effort to go. We will go tomorrow as we're going to friends for lunch afterwards. And we heard the shofar blown (all 100 blasts) as the next door neighbours had private blowing on their patio. Then, throughout the morning as men came home from synagogue and blew the shofar for their womenfolk who had stayed at home - I''m guessing but there are shofars blowing all over the neighbourhood atm. I think we're covered.

Friends are coming here for an early dinner tonight. I took a big white fish out of the freezer and I want to make some sort of baked fish dish. I've never baked fish before (except for salmon) so I'm off to find a recipe.

So far, and 18 hours in, it's been a good year. :~D

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  1. Such lovely traditions. I adore the bubble idea.
    How did the fish go? x

  2. Happy Rosh Hashana, I hope you've had a fab night with friends and the fish was ace. I love the bubble blowing and I had to laugh at drinking through straws for a suck-sessful year! Mich x

    1. Thanks Mich. The fish was ok but it didn't melt in the mouth. I think next time I'm going to buy fresh from the fishmonger rather than frozen from the supermarket (although I buy my salmon frozen and that always comes out perfect.)

  3. I love the idea of the bubbles!
    I've only ever baked fish in parchment paper - I've always wanted to try one of those dishes where you encase it in salt and then crack it open at the table - with a flourish of course!
    Hope you had a lovely visit with friends.

    1. We did thanks. Yes the bubbles has gne down well - a number of friends have adopted it as a custom.

  4. What a beautiful tradition to have. Enjoy the rest of the celebrations

  5. Great start, always enjoyed reading about the bubbles, and lovely to see the updated selfies too xx

    1. The camera hates me but these are not too bad. And yes,the bubbles are always a hit.