Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Snippets

Shut the Box
Persevering. Sunday Snippets is an invention of Jax Blunt on her blog Making It Up. I've done it before but it never became a habit. This month Jax set herself a challenge to blog all 30 days of September. I decided to join her but missed a week of days in the chaos and exhaustion of going back to school. I've not given up though and I'm still aiming to blog as much as I can this month.

Realizing that despite the heatwave of last week, this weekend the summer really did end. I had to wait all day to do laundry while the previous washes dried on the line. During the summer the washing took 2 - 3 hours to dry. I could have done laundry all day if I had enough things to wash or if I felt like I needed clean sheets and towels every day - which I don't obviously.

Wondering how this happened: I spent the summer decluttering and organizing my house only to find that two weeks into the new school year, we are once again living in an enormous mess. Luckily we have a few more holidays over the next few weeks because of the Jewish Festivals. God always gives you a second chance.

Discovering a design fault. We have this game called Shut the Box, which a friend sent for DD last Chanuka. I admit that we've not played it that much but we  never noticed the error - or possibly an intended quirk? (I don't think so.) DD just showed me. How did we not see this before? Did you spot it?

Enjoying the cooler weather. It seems like nothing to you but, believe me, we suffered this week - possibly more than during the whole of July/August which was bad enough.

Saving money by going back to my regular supermarket instead of shopping at the expensive boutique supermarket around the corner. My regular super is a ten minute walk away (downhill) and a 20 minute crawl back up the hill with a heavy trolley (yes I  have shopping-trolley, don't judge). I just could not do that trip in the heat. I could have taken taxis of course but the cost of the taxis was about the same a the savings so I didn't bother.

Sleeping well. DD has finally gone back to sleeping in her own bed after about two years of sleeping with me. We used to share a room in the winter to save on heating two bedrooms, and then separate in the spring, summer and autumn. But for the last couple of years she's not made the move back. I didn't mind too much but recently I noticed that I keep being woken in the night by stray elbows, knees and feet encroaching onto my side of the bed. It was probably always like this but only now it started to bother me. Well DD is bigger and I'm menopausal - nuff said.

Compromising by sharing the family bed on Friday nights when we don't have to get up in the morning. DD: "People say Shabbat is the best day, but it's not, it's Friday!"

Relaxing in our pyjamas the whole of Shabbat. DD wakes up on Shabbat morning with two question. Are we going anywhere today? Is anyone coming? She loves it when the answers are no and no as it was yesterday.


  1. We had a cooler & wetter summer than normal here in Toronto and the temps had really started dropping at night so we though that Fall had arrived early. I started getting out my sweaters and was preparing to switch over my clothes - but all of a sudden summer has arrived! It was nearly 30C today and very warm in church! It looks as though it will stay like this for at least another week so I guess we'll just enjoy it while it lasts! But I do love the Fall and I love my sweaters! :-)

    Hmmm - besides the 5 and 6 being reversed - the dice look a bit oddly shaped - is that the design flaw?

    I have had a grocery trolley for years (we call them bundle buggies here) and I used to be a bit mortified - but I don't drive and I can only carry so much at a time so it became a necessity. I've gotten over the embarassment and just carry on! Sometimes I walk home afterwards - about 20 minutes - and sometimes I bump it down the stairs at the subway if I'm just too tired.
    Sometimes a day in your PJ's is just the best! I eat odds & ends rather than really cook and drink lots of cups of tea. And I either read an entire book from start to finish or I binge watch something on Netflix. Everyone needs a totally lazy day every now and again.

    1. Enjoy your Indian Summer. The design fault is the number sequence.

  2. Love your snippets, and had to look closely to spot the design flaw.

  3. Is the flaw that it's impossible to roll a 1 since there are 2 dice?

    1. Nope. You can chose to do the two dice separately ora the total - like in backgammon.